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PKHeX 17.11.25


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Version 17.11.25 of PKHeX has been released, adding legality checking improvements and fixing bugs.

Change log:


 - Legality:
 - - Added: Gen2->Gen7 legality checking.
 - - Added: US/UM Poké Pelago encounters.
 - - Added: Spanish Legality translation data. Thanks @BlackPyoVic & JoseAbad!
 - - Fixed: US/UM new Pokémon accessing legal movepools from S/M alternate forms. Thanks greenDarkness!
 - - Changed: Sped up Wild Encounter pattern matching (internal rework).
 - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
 - Added: Gen2->Gen7 transfer emulation.
 - Added: Festival Plaza/Battle Agency editor. Thanks pokecal!
 - Added: More US/UM Event Flags for editing. Thanks SciresM & sora10pls!
 - Added: Rotom OT name editing to Trainer Editor & alert if different from OT name.
 - Fixed: Importing US/UM showdown sets now behaves correctly. Thanks sora10pls & Marty!
 - Fixed: Updated Korean Gen2 encoding to match the official Transporter character codes.
 - Fixed: Loading Gen1 save files no longer raises errors. Thanks ShadowMario3!
 - Fixed: Gen3 roamer edits now save IVs as intended.
 - Fixed: US/UM Z Crystals -> PKM sprite no longer chops the rightmost pixel.
 - Fixed: Unsaved fields in PKMEditor now correctly block saving of the PKM from tabs.
 - Fixed: Gen6 trainer coordinate saveback glitch fixed (similar to S/M's rumor).
 - Fixed: Gen7 SM<->US/UM pkm compatibility checks updated to prevent invalid data from being set.
 - Fixed: Gen5-- dragdrop no longer gives AltForm <= 0 messages.
 - Changed: Mystery Gift sprite generation speed improved.
 - Changed: French GUI Translation data updated. Thanks Ntonio36!
 - Changed: C/XD Item names added. Thanks JoseAbad!


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