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Hmm, maybe I should spread the fun around and posting some sprites I made a couple of years ago. ;)

So yeah, I liked making fusions a while ago. I always made them with Paint, nearly the most primitive program to make such things with (but in my opinion, a really handy one). I remember it was fun to make some 'styles' to modify the Pokémon in. I think the only good example of that would be my 'sludge Pidgeotto'. If you want to know what it has to be, look for yourself. :)

Tropiuspaint.png This one I like the most. It just looks somehow elegant to me...

Corsolapaint.PNG This one came to be due to the most random combination ever: Corsola, Skarmory and Heracross. But it looks so weird, it is funny!

Aerodactylpaint2.PNG A pain to modify the feather patterns of Articuno... It is a decent one, I think.

Pidgeotto%20paint.png And that sludge Pidgeotto I mentioned. My own invention, I would have applied it to more sprite, but I never did.

I made one 'new' Pokémon too, it seems I called it Kirisar. Such a random name, based on a primitive fish... I drawed an evolutionary chain of it six years ago and this sprite was thus based on a drawing of it. Kirisar was the last stage of it, but I personally liked the first evo the most. Anyway, here it is:


Well, maybe some people find inspiration in it or something... I onyl wanted to share it for fun. :)

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