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Your Ultra Sun / Moon Team?


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I've just got an email saying my copies of Ultra Sun and Moon will be delivered this afternoon, perfect timing for when I finish work for the weekend.

As i've played though both the original Sun and Moon games i've been trying to put a team together consisting of Pokemon i've never used in a team before.

My planned team at the moment is as follows: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#marshadow+celebi+magearna+milotic+turtonator+zygarde

  • Mount Tensei Marshadow
  • Ilex Forest Celebi
  • QR Code Magearna
  • Milotic (Feebas Egg with a Prism Scale ready to trade)
  • Turtonator (Egg)
  • Zygarde (Have one i'm ready to reassemble)

I wanted Marshadow in my team when I first played though of Moon, so it will be nice to finally have one to use throughout the story. Having just finished Silver on the VC the Ilex Forest Celebi I got for purchasing that will be a nice throwback to GEN 2. The Milotic, Turtonator and Zygarde are just Pokemon i'd like to use in an effort to make a balanced team.

I'm not too keen with 3 Pokemon been from events, as I would like to train them up myself. They also won't be much use for the first two islands due to their level, however that should make it a lot less time consuming to get the other 3 Pokemon up to similar levels. For the other half of the game and post game they should be useful. As it's my 3rd play though of GEN 7 at this point i'm not too bothered.

From what i've read from people playing leaked copies, all the interesting stuff is post game anyway.

Who have you got on your team this time?

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Besides the starter, I typically try to fill my team with pokemon I never used in a story-mode playthrough before.

  • Decidueye (used in Sun)
  • Malamar
  • Slowbro
  • Arcanine
  • Crabrawler
  • Noibat

Of course, there's the possibility I'll swap in something different as I further progress. I'm thinking between Totem Kommo-o, Naganadel, and Dawn Wings Necrozma.

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My best friend and I have been doing mystery egg runs since BW2. For this game, we did the theme of constellations. Since we have very similar taste, our pokemon ended up being the same aside from two lol (right down to if the pokemon was shiny or not, since we RNG abuse)

My party (all in moon balls for the theme)

  • Tiamat the Deino ("Hydra")
  • Ascella the shiny Shellder ("Sagittarius" since it flings things like an archer)
  • Fortune the shiny Togetic ("Columba")
  • Sargas the shiny Gliscor ("Scorpio")
  • Kalama the Litwick  ("Libra")
  • Sitara the shiny Servine ("Serpens")

Only difference is I bred her a shinx ("Leo") and shiny staryu ("aquarius") instead of Togepi and Shellder.

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I haven't finished the main story yet, as I don't speed run and like talking to all NPCs in order to find side quests to do, but this is my current team (and has been since I started the game):
Yeah, starter, a DR Giratina, and four Pokémon bred in Moon specially for this playthrough. There's some stuff I'd like to have used, but since I assembled this team way before the Totem-sized Pokémon, or even Dusk Lycanroc, were announced, I just kept my first decision.
The Giratina is specially funny because of some NPC's lines, like this one:
I accidentally made my mom leave my luck up to the devil. This is why I like those special low-level legendaries.

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Mine is incredibly basic, i just slightly edit my origina Pokemon Sun team https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/#incineroar+toucannon+ribombee+lycanroc-dusk+mimikyu+kommo-o

  • Rikodoh (Incineroar)
  • Hirota (Tucannon)
  • Minami (Ribombee)
  • Koira (Lycanroc Dusk)
  • Torahiko (Mimikyu)
  • Kommo-o (i forgot is nickname)
  • Lucemon (Necrozma + Solgaleo)

Is a very basic and boring team, but i want again to limit my self only to the new Pokemon introduce in Gen7 (no alolan forms or UB). Also i decide to do that just for have a challange in the late game (the water totem and fire totem for me was a nightmare, the last one especialy becouse there is not a good selection of NEW water pokemon introduce in Gen7). I finish the game, the epsiode RR by basicly using a variation of that team i show up here plus Necrozma. I wish i have wait a bit more before beat the RR episode so i wase able to use my original team for evrey generation, like my original platinum team vs cyrus.

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Okay, Here's My Ultra Sun Team:

Figaro The Male Incineroar

Toadette The Female Breloom From Dream World

Esther The Starmie From Pokémon Red

Homura The Female Excadrill Also From Dream World

Kirara The Female Manectric From Ruby

HeiHei The Male Togekiss From Silver

All Of Them Lv. 100.


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I changed 2 Pokémon's Nicknames
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Compared to these comments my teams are utterly boring, but they have served me well. I tried to vary my teams in every version. Also I wanted to have my full team consist of pokémon I could catch at last in Poni grove, as I wanted my team to be around the same level.

My sun team consisted off:


Alolan Raichu






My moon team consisted off:





Nightform Lycanrock



My Ultra sun team consisted off:








My ultra moon team consisted off:








When I'm going to restart the games I will have at least once these teams, because i post game hunted these pokémon to create my perfect team, and have possibility to trade with friends who have the games too:

team 1 (very varied in types)

Torracat (everstone)







team 2 (very varied in types)


Alolan Raichu


Alolan Marowak

Aurora (fossil UM)



team 3 (ghost/ghostcombined types)






Alolan Marowak

team 4 (alolan variations)


Alolan Raichu

Alolan vulpix

Alolan Marowak

Alolan Exeggcutor

Alolan Golem

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