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Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition

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Pokémon Emerald, but every trainer battle is a double battle.

Yup, inspired by Colosseum and XD, every trainer battle will be changed to a double battle! There will also be increased difficulty and level curve! Features so far:

  • Double battles up to Winona! Every trainer completely reworked, with interesting (but still theme-consistent) teams, using a much greater variety of Pokémon!
  • A steeper level curve, to make the games a fresh challenge. Expect level 40s by the 4th Gym!
  • Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade- Physical/Special split, Fairy type, up-to-date moves/abilities/learnsets and more
  • Super tough main-character battles that challenge you with advanced moves and techniques, from Gym Leaders, your rival and Maxie/Archie!
  • An extra starter, Eevee, with methods provided early on to evolve, including Umbreon and Espeon!
  • TMs, especially double-centric moves, are now available early on in Pokémarts, and are now infinite use

Coming soon:

  • Every battle in the game will be redesigned as a double battle!
  • Rematch battles will soon be included!
  • And more, based on your suggestions!

If that didn't persuade you enough, here's a few screenshots to entice you!



Since this is an unfinished hack, I'd really like to get feedback on anyone playing directly, so I'm only sharing the download in a discord channel for now- it'll be released here when I'm done!


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