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Colosseum Starters Legality Issues

Ruby Genseki

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-Not sure if posted on the right forum. Please move if necessary-

So, I started a Colosseum game and as soon as I was able to save, I opened the file via PKHeX, only to find out both my Umbreon and Espeon are flagged as illegal when I couldn't possibly have edited them.
About Umbreon, the program stated the typical "PID-Encounter mismatch". About Espeon, it's "Encounter conditions-RNG Frame mismatch".
If needed, here are the unedited files:

Edited by Ruby Genseki
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Took awhile to get all the frames to line up, made a specialized routine to check them.


Didn't use the already-made lock-unlock checks as those check to see if the locks pass for any origin seed; since we know the origin seed (derived from TID/SID), we can check directly.

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