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Event Pokemon 20th anniversary


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So when the fires struck in Northern California I lost my 3ds and with it my entire childhood, I played Pokemon since I could understand how to hold the system and for about 15~ years I've been transferring Pokemon to the newest system. When the poke bank happened I didn't trust it because I did t know if I could access it outside of my system if I lost it so I never stored anything on it. So I kept every Pokemon, a complete national pokedex and every event I could get to in North America since I was like 9. I know I can't get that back and I've made piece with that, but I now want to as legitimately as possible get back if nothing else the most recent event legendaries so I can start to rebuild my pokedex quite literally from the ashes... I don't need anything to extreme like a finished pokedex or anything, I just need someway to get at least these re released legendaries so I can recapture what of my childhood I lost. (Ps if anyone could also tell me how to utilize a game save, my friend bought me an r4 card and told me that if I needed any Pokemon or something that I could ask on this site to try to get help)

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I am very sorry for your loss.

I also -highly- recommend that once you get a custom firmware 3ds or access to Homebrew (from the link Kaphotics provided) that you use JKSM to back up your save data: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/

And you can use this for DS games: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-twlsavetool-v1-0.412887/

I explicitly use it for emergency backup saves, but I make sure a friend of mine always has a somewhat recent version of all my game cartridges in case of things being stolen, technical failures, natural disasters, etc. Storing it in the cloud (and updating it somewhat regularly) is also a viable option.

In your case, you can use it to rip your save, and inject the wonder cards from the event gallery into the games with PkHex. Just make sure it is redeemable on the game version and 3ds version you are using so the pokemon are legal. For example, some events are exclusive to ORAS, where some are exclusive to XY. (This applies to all generations)This way you can reclaim the events you lost. Example:

I also did want to add that Pokebank is actually linked to your NNID. When I bricked my 3ds doing a shell swap, I had my NNID moved to my new console. Bank retained all the pokemon I had previously stored inside it. (Which is good, because I had like 2,000+ pokemon in there) I lost a lot of my digital games save because of that, which is why I'm very adamant about ensuring you have access to backups. 

Good luck!

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