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(Bug?) Unable to load Crystal save file


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I am currently playing Pokemon Crystal (EU) again on my Game Boy Color and with the help of a Mega Memory cart and a GB USB Smart card I am able to backup and transfer the save file to my PC. 

I then tried to load this save file in the PKHeX application but I am met with the following error messages.



Here's a link to download the save file:


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PKHeX only supports common emulators and dumping functions. For all others, you'll have to do some converting.

public const int SIZE_G2BAT_U = 0x802C;
public const int SIZE_G2EMU_U = 0x8030;
public const int SIZE_G2RAW_J = 0x10000;
public const int SIZE_G2BAT_J = 0x1002C;
public const int SIZE_G2EMU_J = 0x10030;

^ list of valid file sizes; yours is ~2-4 times the expected size.

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Open the file up in a hex editor (like HxD); majority of the data past 0x8000 is empty.

If we cut out the first 0x8000 bytes (0-0x7FFF) into a new file, we can check to see if it's the actual save file (not cartridge metadata).

Opening the cropped file in PKHeX...



Just edit the cropped file, then throw in 0x8000-0x1FFFF at the end before re-importing with your cartridge reader/writer.

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