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How about we make a Pokemon File Storage Database?

We do what others cannot do ALL the time!

Who's with me?

For the people who think they have nothing left to live for,for those who are giving up on Pokemon,


Do it.

We are powerful.

Together,all is possible, and we will TRIUMPH!

p.s. pwease fix category sorting if I'm wrong

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If no one capable dedicates to this in a week, I'm locking this thread, alright? :)

It's always nice to have something programmed for everyone to use,
but I don't want to encourage the culture where people just ask for something extremely complicated,
with the person asking effectively taking the back sit due to being unable to productively contribute.

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I have some pkm files that I'd love to share with the community. Some 4th gen mons with correct PIDs, Wish mons, 4th gen Defog mons and that stuff. 

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Perfect!  Wow,that's pretty nice stuff there. :). Thank you. Right now,continue to follow the thread so that you may be caught up on the news on this.


We HAVE capable people man.ok?

It's not my fault that I try my best with limited and restricted programming knowledge

and I don't even know yet how to code hexadecimal. I don't have time. Or the resources. But I'll try my best because that's what counts! :).

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