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Restoring Save File

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First of all sorry for maybe posting on the wrong place, if anyone can move it to the right section ill be thankful.

I've been playing Pokemon Ranger to get the Manaphy mission on my 3ds using TWLoader because I didn't have the game cart. I finally got the egg and when trying to transfer from that game to pokemon platinum (also on TWLoader) I always encountered and error, so I decided to buy the game cart and to use TWL Save Tool to restore my save file into the game cart one. While doing so I encountered an error saying that the save files do not match. The game cart save file is 262.1 kb and my save file from TWL is 524.3 kb. Now what I would like to know is if anyone can help me so I can get my save file to be the right size so I can proceed with the save file restoration and get the egg. Thank you!

Also, I know there are probably easier and faster ways to get the manaphy egg like injecting the wondercard in pokemon platinum but I kinda want that satisfaction of doing it on my own save file (and i dont really feel like playing through the game all over again).

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