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unanswered PK3DS Sun and Moon Editing Tms and pokemarts


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So I wanted to randomize Pokemon Moon and everything is going well, except for 2 things. I edited the PokeMart inventories, but when I put the cro file into my SunMoon folder and boot up my game, it crashes when I talk to one of the mart clerks. The other thing is the tms. I wanted to randomize the tms, and I did just that, but when I put the bin file into luma/code_sections and rename it to the same name as the original bin file in there, nothing happens. If anyone could help with either of these 2 things that would be greatly appreciated. I already spent hours looking online for solutions and no luck, so i came here. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: I'm almost 100% sure this has to do with me not using the cro and bin files for the shops and tms (respectively) incorrectly, but I could be wrong and it's something with PK3DS.

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