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[BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type


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Just updated to the newest version of PKHeX (20170922), and nearly every single Gen 3 Pokemon I've brought over has been false flagged due to ball type, of all things:


A Starmie from Sapphire in a Net Ball is absolutely legal, as is the Dunsparce in the Ultra Ball and the Raichu in a Pokeball. There doesn't seem to be a pattern as to what balls it does and doesn't count as illegal, but it seems to leave alone anything in a Dive Ball and flags anything in a Net Ball (I think). 

If anyone else is having this issue, any more information would be helpful. 

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It's really hard to tell just based on the picture, but nothing from generation 3 is being flagged as illegal in my PkHex in any of my backed up saves. (Emerald, Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6, and Gen 7) I don't think I have any net ball things from Gen 3 (aside from Colo, but that shows up fine) sitting around still, so I'll have to go play around on Emerald.

Do you have specific examples aside for the net Starmie? Is it just Generation 3 games? Is it just Sapphire or all versions? (I'm assuming at least FR/LG since Dunsparce cannot be found in R/S)

colo suicune.png

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It flags stuff from Emerald and FRLG as well. The Raichu was from an egg so I could get Volt Tackle, and in a Pokeball, but that got flagged too. 

Invalid: Can't have ball for encounter type.

Valid Move 1: Learned by TM/HM.
Valid Move 2: Learned by Move Tutor in Generation 6.
Valid Move 3: Learned by Level-up.
Valid Move 4: Learned by Move Tutor.
Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid.
Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid.
Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid.
Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid.

Valid: Valid Wild Encounter at location.
Valid: Nickname does not match another species name.
Valid: Current level is not below met level.
Valid: All ribbons accounted for.
Valid: Ability matches ability number.
Valid: Form is Valid.
Valid: Gender matches PID.
Valid: Nature matches PID.
Valid: History block is valid.
Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region.

Encounter Type: Wild Encounter Grass Safari (Pikachu) ???
Origin Seed: EB907277
PID Type: Method_1


The only thing I could think of to make this happen is that several years ago I used PokeGen to move a bunch of stuff from Gen 4 to Gen 5 manually since I lacked a second DS at the time and then set the met location as PokeTransfer to neaten things out, and that could have easily screwed something up. Though I don't know why it flagged some but not others. (I had a Meganium from Gen 3 I actually did edit the stats of and it left that alone.)

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Did that, rolled a new PID, and put the trainer info back in. It fixed the Raichu, but stuff like the Starmie that I actually caught don't seem to fix. I'm gonna go all the way back to my Gen 3 fie and bring everything forward again (this time properly without stapling everything together using HxD and PokeGen) and see if anything is still messed up. 

The one labeled FIXED is the one PKHeX accepts as legal after I had it roll a new PID. For some reason this method is working with some Pokemon, but not all of them. 

026 - Elektra - 87F109E70E6B.pk7

026 - Elektra FIXED - 7516D53D303B.pk7

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I've hacked some of the ones that got flagged but that definitely wasn't one of them. I caught the parents and decided I wanted one with Volt Tackle so I bred an Egg off them. 

I definitely fucked something up in PokeGen, then. So I'm just gonna say as a warning to everyone else:


don't use this thing to unscramble PKM files. It doesn't work the way I thought it does. 

Oh well. This has been a learning experience. Thank you for the help!

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Wish I'd known that three years ago. I've got about 300 of these things to re-transfer with PKHeX. But god you don't know how happy it makes me to hear that. 

You kids these days with your legality checkers. Back in my day we used an untranslated Japanese program still in alpha and HxD and we were grateful.

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Been poking around a bit more, and it seems like it has issues with Eggs hatched in Ruby/Sapphire in general: in particular, an Egg from any species from the Safari Zone, which is a bit frustrating for anything I've bred Volt Tackle onto, and any Eggs traded from FRLG and hatched in Sapphire (like the Togepi Egg). 

Somehow, changing the "origin" game from Sapphire to Emerald also clears up nearly every single legality issue I had, including the aforementioned ones. Do Ruby and Sapphire use different methods to determine PID that haven't been looked into much?

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