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RICKY Machamp unable to match encounter

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I have two In-game trade Machamp, from Yellow, and I'm about 95% sure that I've never touched them with PKHeX. I was using PKHeX to inject some Wondercards and I noticed that both RICKY were showing up as invalid. It was giving them the, "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game," error.


All of my other In-game trades seem fine.


The only thing I could think of being wrong was that they are level 16. However, I traded lvl 16 Cubone, from the Safari Zone, to get it.


Is this a bug or did I do something that I honestly just don't recall?

068 - RICKY - 9A3BFCB6487E.pk7

068 - RICKY - 49A6DE062BF7.pk7

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