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PSMD Update Removes Meowth Theater

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In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, there's a place in Lively Town called the Meowth Theater where you can record yourself playing through a dungeon. Films that are saved locally can be watched later or shared online. Since the games were released, the online service for sharing films has been discontinued. However, so has the entire theater service, if you install the latest update. If you try talking to Meowth in town, you'll be greeted with this dialog:

PSMD Portrait Normal.png Welcomeow to Meowth Theatrer, Meowever...

PSMD Portrait Normal.pngYou won't be able to watch any films anymore.

PSMD Portrait Normal.pngI'm really sorry, meow.

This Meowth Theater shutdown extends outside the game itself, however. It has been removed from the official character list.

meowth online.PNG

Meowth as previously shown on the official character list, courtesy of Archive.Org

meowth not online.PNG

The same place on the same page shown today. Notice the "=-". Perhaps Meowth scratched the page as he was dragged away.

Restoring the Meowth Theater to the game is as simple as uninstalling the update. It remains fully functional, except that films can no longer be shared. It is currently unknown if anything else has changed in the update, so there is no compelling reason to install this update.

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