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Information about Japanese Gen 1 & Gen 2 Event Pokémon

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みなさん、こんにちは。 これらのポケモン配布について何か知っていれば、この研究に参加してください。 できるだけ多くの情報を収集したいと思います。 よろしくねおねがいします。 I want to collect information and media about Japanese about Gen 1 & Gen 2 Event Pokem

I found a report of Nintendo Space World 2000. OMG! 32 Event Machines! According to another report I have read before the year prior they had 20 to be able to speed up the process. And I thought 2

Spaceworld '99 Mew  

Posted Images

I wished so too...
At least it's a clean Lv. 15 Magikarp, which confirms the Level. It kinda makes sense, since a normal Magikarp learns Tackle at Lv.15.
Everyone expected it would be Lv.5, otherwise I would have guessed it could be Lv.10 to match with the card...

りゅうのいかり コイキング.png

Also... this could be hint for what the OT Name might could have been. 
There are some strange missspells like マツ instead of instead of ます. 
Later I noticed this other page...


The guy in the middle is イマクニ?(Imakuni?) and the person on the left is "マツモト教授" (Professor Matsumoto), representing the タマムシ大学 (Tamamushi University).
Apperently those misspells are from マツモト and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the OT Name, just like イマクニ was the OT Name for the Surfing Pikachu, which was also distributed around the time... What makes this even more interesting... I have a feeling that the Surfing Pikachu was distributed at Level 15 as well. The only one I've ever seen was Level 16...


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Because I have been asked about this a few times, yes I know about the CoroCoro Mews who have surfaced on twitter.
These two...

It's really hard to tell if they're real or not, but realistically I think it's very unlikely. Especially since they were both obtained without proof and they weren't even received firsthand. All of the CoroCoro Mew were distributed in really low numbers, even at WHF4 there were just about 700 Mew, it's still a very low number. So how big would be the chance that they're real?

Just for comparison... we know only very few Space World '97 Mew, although 100,000 were distributed. We don't even have a single WHF7 Mew, even when 70,000 were distributed. And Ninten Pikachu was distributed 10,000 times and so far I have only found information about one. As always, the only way tell for sure would be to examine the data. Since these were generated In-game it might be possible to confirm if this is real or not. 

Btw. The magazine with the Dragon Rage Magikarp is available now for 1,350¥, just in case someone likes to collect magazines and is interested. Not sure if there is really much more information in it though...

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