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HeartGold: Pokesav help! fast


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hi i LOVE pokesav and there a released a japanese pokesav hgss

and i will edit pokemon in my box but i say only rare symbols on the name i can't read that

can you give a pokesav hgss english or the pokemon pokesav hgss name list

(and there a not japanese characters but only 1/4 ????:confused::confused:

and whatever) pleasssssz help me :/

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The current language for HGSS pokesav is only in japanese.

Using Applocale, you'll be able to see the japanese characters.

If it really bothers you too much,

Save the pokemon,

Load it in any other english pokesav,

Do what you want, sav the pokemon again,

That load it back into the HGSS pokesav.

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