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unanswered Entei, Raikou and Suicune in Emerald

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Doesn't gen 3 have un-used overworld sprites for a bunch of legendaries. Including the beasts? If I remember correctly that might have been FR/LG but don't the games have a lot of leftover data from the games that came before? You could probably edit the eon duo to have one roaming and one static. One on the island, maybe the one weak to your starter and the strong one roaming?

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IIRC, there's even a unused track for them in RS, so they might have been supposed to be catchable. Why did ther remove them? No idea, but as the guys above said, you could just replace the Eon Pokémon encounters for them. Of course, the third one wouldn't appear, but... well, pick your 2 favourite ones, or just gen the 3rd one later.

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If I'm not mistaken, Advanced Map (If that's what it's called) can add those models into the existing overworlds,
and with script editors, can add encounters to those models.

I made a map previously, so that a Regirock doll (that looks more like a Regirock than the one in the cave) will give a Regirock encounter. (an entire room of legendary encounters)

That is a way you can add them in to Pokemon Emerald :)

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