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Volunteers needed with cleaning animated gifs for Event Gallery

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Hi! I'm new here, I was looking for a shiny naganadel gif and I read that you need some help with the gifs, so I tried with naganadel. Have i done it right? if yes, i can try to do more gifs... but, t

Ultra-Necorozma is okay too      

And here's the rest of the USUM gifs (Blacephalon, Dusk Lycanroc, Poipole, Naganadel, Dusk/Dawn/Ultra Necrozma, Stakataka, Zeraora). Someone needs to remove the background please. I already cut t

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I posted here recently sprites with "blue wing syndrome". After research, I found 5 who do not have this defect:


I have a doubt for Yanmega, it looks like the red bands of the wings have been erased. To compare :


If we exclude Scyther, Scizor and others, there are at the end about fifteen sprites


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After a second search, I again found sprites without this defect:


But as theSLAYER said before, there is still a problem of transparency (I'm talking about wings, of course).

Unless there are already cleaned versions, it remains to be done:


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I'm adding these here, even though they aren't animated.
(as I need em)

Cleaned vs unclean:

1/3 of the Kanto Dex, lineless sprites:
usum no lines.rar

2/3 of the Kanto Dex:
2 out of 3.rar

edit again:
3/3 of Kanto Dex
3 out of 3.rar

Entries that I've done:

Bulbasaur to Caterpie

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I'm at it again. Does anyone have animated sprites for DPP and HGSS? I was going page by page through Bulbapedia and converting their apng to gif, but they don't have animated sprites for all the pokemon in the gen 4 games. I haven't been able to find any other site that has animated sprites for gen 4, most just have the frame 1 and frame 2 png.

I'm attaching some examples for reference. They aren't just the two frames together to make a gif.

001 bulbasaur.gif001s bulbasuar.gif001 bulbasaur.gif001s bulbasuar.gif

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