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battle revolution Pokemon Battle Revolution question :S

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Yes it works. You have to make sure though that when putting pokemon from you DS to PBR that you haven't used a different game cartridge to do so. If you have then platinum will not work for transferring pokemon. However, with the ds battle it will regardless of what I previously mentioned. However, if this is a new game your getting then it would be a full out yes!

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great I am getting the english game soon(I have the Jap. version).

Hold your horses a second. Make sure that the DS game and the Wii game are of the same region or otherwise you can't connect.

Japanese language can only connect to Japanese language Wii games.

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but it doesnt even have as good of features as the battle frontier

As said, it's big selling point is the (random) Wi-Fi battling. If you can handle that, it's worth the purchase. I like playing at late night hours so I can battle people from outside North America.

*and if you hack Pokes, can take the time to make them legal in every sense of the word

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thats the one bad thing about it alot of the pokes are hacked that I've battled which is why I think the FC thing works better

No offense, but I doubt it. PBR's hack checker for the wi-fi battling is fairly thorough. I have yet to actually witness a blatantly obvious hack (that being something coming out of a Cherish Ball that shouldn't be, or an illegal move set). There's an old thread in the old forums, and the hack check seems to check for everything, including hex values, and a PID-IV relation. So in theory, any hack on there has to conform 100% to in-game legal standards.

But I've also heard that the hack check sometimes just doesn't work at all. So I guess it's possible.

But really, I don't see that much of a problem. I'm much more concerned about having all those clauses being IN THE GAME, but aren't usable on Wi-Fi battles.

I'm also left wondering why they don't keep a ranking system. You'd think they throw in something that simple.

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How come the Platinum forms wont show up (exp: Shaymin's sky form; Rotom's heat, wash, frost, fan, and mow forms: and Giratina's Origin form)?
lol i dunno duuude!

Think about it, relmore. Battle Revolution came out BEFORE Pokemon Platinum, didn't it?

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