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Update 4.2.0


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Our website as undergone a major update, which brings some cool new features!


Clubs are sub-communities that you run! Have your own forums, downloads, group blogs, calendars, and more!

Read more about it at the Project Pokémon Blog:


Galleries are like forums or files, except optimized for images. You can create your own, or you can add them to clubs!


Sample Gallery in the "I Love Cats" Club




We've always had a Like button, but sometimes a Like doesn't quite express how you truly feel about a post. With reactions, you can react in one of many ways. Here's what we have so far:

  • PSMD Portrait V-Wheel.png Thanks - Share how you feel about something with the same energy Victini uses to describe his V-WHEEEEL!!!!
  • PSMD Portrait Amazed.png Amazed - For things so amazing your eyes start watering out of sheer happiness.
  • PSMD Portrait Teary-Eyed.png Teary-Eyed - Sometimes bad news makes you want to cry.
  • PSMD Portrait Confused.png Confused - Eh.. what?

We can add more, so if you have any ideas, just let us know!

The Blog Sidebar

We recently got Blogs, which are basically your personal corner of the website. Now you can customize it even further with the ability to add a sidebar. This can be used for anything you'd like, including social media links or a blog overview. On my Sky Editor blog, I'm using it to keep track of my GitHub links for Sky Editor, my plugin-based save editor:


File Attachment Improvements

You can now upload files and images directly from your computer's file browser, using either drag and drop, or copy/paste.

As described by the Invision Power website:


IPS Community Suite has supported drag and drop uploading to the attachments area at the bottom of the editor since 4.0. In 4.2 we're pleased to add the ability to drag and drop right into the editor, so you can drop your attachment exactly where you want it to show without having to add it afterwards.

Drag and Drop.gif

Drag and drop into editor

If your browser and OS supports it you can also copy and paste, either from the desktop or from other content on the web:

Copy and Paste.gif

Copy and Paste

Naturally this works for ordinary files as well as images:


Drag and drop a file



Recently-Used Devices

In your account settings, you can see a list of recently-used devices. We recommend you check this periodically, so you can know if your account is secure.

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3 hours ago, JISN064 said:

can we have this one? kar.png.2c40345acd5b1aac7f45f66586cb6f6b.png

I can't think for a real reasong to have it ... just Magikarp

Only thing is there are literally thousands of these images that we could potentially use for reactions. I'd love to add more, but there'll need to be some reasoning behind it.

I actually had 2 more in mind I wanted to add, but I couldn't justify them to myself.

Here's an old screenshot I almost forgot to replace:


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8 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

I would also like to see a simple "I agree" emote. (e.g., yeah or Ditto)

It's not often that I literally laugh out loud after reading something on the internet. Well done.


8 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

I would like to have a "haha" emote.  Sometimes I wanna giggle at a post without spamming the topic with comments.

What about one of the starters? (See the spriter's resource for all of them in one)

These are my votes. Maybe the EoS one.

EoS Portrait Joyous.pngPSMD Portrait Cheerful.png

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  • 3 weeks later...

Update 4.2.0 you say? Can't believe no one made the joke yet.


Now if you'll excuse me I gotta live up to my Dutch heritage and OBlZJYW3.png it


Okay but seriously, reactions are cool! Would an addition of an "Angry" be required still? Although admittedly I would have no idea what picture/pokemon would fit the emotion.

  • Hahaha 1
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