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How 2 make legel of this pokemon

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(sorry my bad english)


last PKHex update has think about this topic.


you guy see the files for shiny Deoxys

at first Deoxys Nature was Relaxed, but i changed Sassy


and I encountered the same problem you see in this photo.


so my question is 2

First. how to fixed this 

Second. how to fixed the problem of  "Encounter Type PID mismatch?"

Say detail, i want to change Nature legally in PKHEX or Something.. but it little hard to understand that.. and if you kindy Can you write it down, i understand it?

386-03 ★ - Deoxys - B7E491F26C0E.pk7


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10 hours ago, Sabresite said:

@POKEEE, please use RngReporter to get valid PID/IV/Nature combinations.


On 2017. 7. 10. at 9:00 PM, theSLAYER said:

Pokemon from Gen 3 and 4 cannot have their natures and IVs randomly changed,
due to how the RNG generates data.

Meaning PID, IV, Gender and Nature were related.

What nature are you trying to get?

@POKEEE anyway I fixed it. Don't change it's IVs or Nature any more.
386-03 ★ - Deoxys - 74F2FEAC035F.pk7


thanks you guys ^U^

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