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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (U)/(J) Action Replay Codes


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hey, just joined seeing how it seems this thread gets a lot of activity.. I'd like to make a request

there is currently an EV modifier code where you set the number of Proteins, Zincs, etc. to the number you want for each corresponding EV. ( 1 Protein = 1 atk EV, etc. ) ( 256 Protein = 0 atk EV )

after setting the values for each item, you go to your pc and mark the pokemon you want the EV's to be changed.

would there be any way to create a code that functions just like this, only using IV's? eg. 31 Proteins = 31 Atk IV's, 32 Proteins = 0 IV's

if it would help as a reference, here's the code I'm talking about:

Press start for 256 of each stat-boosting vitamin,set each in accordance to desired EV value. 256 items = 0

Press A to activate code, mark a pokemon in pc to change EV's

94000130 fff70000

b2111880 00000000

e0000b74 00000018

0100002d 0100002e

0100002f 01000031

01000034 01000030

d2000000 00000000

94000130 fffe0000

1206f04a 00004800

0206f04c 023c0b91

1206f050 00004700

e23c0b90 00000018

61384803 82b84801

bdf8b014 00000000

00000000 46c046c0

b2111880 00000000

da000000 00000b76

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0ba0

b211187f 00000000

da000000 00000b7a

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0ba1

b211187f 00000000

da000000 00000b7e

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0ba2

b211187f 00000000

da000000 00000b82

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0b9c

b211187f 00000000

da000000 00000b86

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0b9d

b211187f 00000000

da000000 00000b8a

d3000000 00000000

d8000000 023c0ba3

d2000000 00000000

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Sorry, I won't be able to help you there, but PM M@T with your question, since he is the one who has converted that code from D/P/PL.

I am not sure if he is still active since I have not heard from him, but if he does not respond back to your PM, I will see what I can do to help you.

don't worry about it if you can't do it. I found that Pokemon Generator tool and it seems to work fine so far. Thanks anyway

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You must use that code by itself and use it by Marking a Pokémon.

Just a heads up, you are way behind, most of the codes that people said they were having trouble with has been solved or fixed.

My game just freezes up.

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Check again because the code works.


1. Check if you made any mistakes for the Marking Shiny Code.

2. Make sure you only have the Marking Shiny Code Activated.

3. Start your game.

4. Go inside a Pokémon Center.

5. Go to Bill's PC.

6. Go to Move Pokémon.

7. Put a Pokémon from your Party into a Box.

8. Go to the Pokémon that you put into a Box.

9. Choose Mark Pokémon.

10. Choose any Shape.

11. Choose Confirm.

12. Put that Pokémon into your Party.

13. Exit Bill's PC.

14. Go to your Party.

15. Go to the Pokémon you Marked.

16. Choose Summary.

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I've run into a dilemma in the Safari Zone. I've activated the codes for all Blocks or whatever as well as All Degree Skills Max, but now Baoba wont call me for the second test! I've beated Red already, so I don't know what else I need to do to get him to call me. I think the codes may prevent him from calling you if you activate them before he calls you a second time. Is there a code where you can simply activate the use of blocks and the machine to swap the various lands without having to complete the second test? If not, is it possible for someone to create one?

Can anyone help me with this issue? Could there be a code that simply activates his second test and needs to be completed in order to move on in the Safari Zone?

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When using the below codes, can I use more than one as once and how will I know that they worked?:

The following codes turn the vitamins (carbos, iron, etc) into 255 EVs for the appropriate stat.

HP / HP Up: 12084576 000046C0

12084AFC 000020FF

Attack / Protein: 120845E2 000046C0

12084B5C 000020FF

Defence / Iron: 1208464E 000046C0

12084BBC 000020FF

Sp.Attack / Calcium: 1208472A 000046Ca

12084C7C 000420FF

Sp.Defence / Zinc: 12084796 000046C0

12084CDC 000020FF

Speed / Carbos: 120846BC 000046C0

12084C1C 000020FF

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Hi! I'm really new to using an action replay but I would like to request a code if at all possible.

I would really like a starter modifier code. That is a code that could be used to alter the pokemon you get from Professor Elm, like instead of getting a cyndaquil you could get Torchic or Charmander or any other desirable pokemon for that matter.


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I've actually been following these threads for a while but I never really got around to registering ^_^ I just sort of ran into an issue that I can't seem to find an answer for anywhere. Perhaps I missed it while skimming and this has happened to someone else before (and, if so, I sincerely apologize).

I started using the Wild Pokemon + Level Modifier along with the Shiny Encounter code earlier today on my ARDSi and it worked great for about an hour (I was farming for a specific nature). However, now, regardless of how many Master Balls I throw away, or how many times I restart my game, the code only allows Bulbasaurs to appear when I'm holding L. I guess I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and, if so, were you able to fix it or am I just terribly unlucky?

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Three questions:

1. In the Trainer House, is there an AR code to simply battle the people who I've traded with opposed to swaping pokewalker records?

2. Is there a code to modify the IVs forthe pokemon you already have?

3. Is there a code to modify the nature of the pokemon you already have?

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Iv Mod

1206EE52 000002D6

1206F11E 000046C0

1206F126 000046C0

1206F12C 000046C0

1206F13A 000046C0

1206F140 000046C0

1206F14E 000046C0

1206F154 000046C0

1206F162 000046C0

1206F168 000046C0

1206F176 000046C0

1206F11A 000021XX

1206F130 000020XX

1206F144 000020XX

1206F158 000020XX

1206F16C 000020XX

1206F180 000020XX

The IV modifier code: is it for wild pokemon or the ones that are owned? I've seen this code before and others have claimed its for wild pokemon. If for caught pokemon, how is the code tiggered (marking?) and how will I know if it worked?

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