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celebi machine Any Information relating to Celebi/Mew Distribution Machines


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Hey guys! I finally finished my video, which includes a look into the mew machines!




Any support there is appreciated. Essentially, here is what I gathered from my conversation with Jeremy...


There was no straight up Super Nintendo Super Gameboy (not to say the technology wasn't the same). He seems to think that the mew machines were unique hardware/software mashups and did not include an actual game cart inside. The port where you would insert your game into would, rather, use a modified GB link cable from a piece of software from the machine (again, he thinks it wasn't an actual cartridge but may have had the same basis) and send the Mew to an empty slot in your party. The display on the screen and all that jazz, he believes, were simply that, a display video, and not actual in-game play. The Super Nintendo controllers attached to the machine were simply to control the options for the machine.

Also, the certificates would then have just been printed off to the side, and the attendant would sign them with the OT you received. He chuckled a bit thinking of the OTs and how they didn't really matter back then, they were totally random ones spit out by the machines. 


Hope you all find this interesting! :) Thanks!


- Cody

9 Vid Title Card FIXED.jpg

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