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answered Changing Starter Pokemon and Type Effectiveness in Soul Silver

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Hi people! I just started doing ROM edits, and I have no clue about what I am doing. The first things I want to do is to change type effectiveness, and change the starter pokemons. I am working with Soul Silver. Does anyone know how to do this?

Ps. If there is no software to do this, I am up to do it on my own, but I will need VERY detailed guidance, because I am new to this.

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3 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

I have googeled, and found the same results. As I said, I am new to this, and hoped there was some tools I could use.

Anyway, I managed to change the starter pokemons, but the rival will now only pick chicorita, like menioned in the forum you linked to. Also, I can't manage to change the pokemon description when you pick a pokemon.

When it comes to type effectiveness, I haven't tried yet, but I smell a potential issue. If I want to add or remove type effectivenesses, it will require less or more space to save. Is there any problems I might encounter if I change the ammount of effectivenesses?


Thanks for your time btw.

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The game stores trainer teams for every battle; this is an entirely separate chunk of code compared to what starters you may choose from. You'd have to edit the trainers for the rival.

The game stores game text, you'd have to modify that too.

Unfortunately, there are no all-in-one easy-to-use tools or guides for NDS games.

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