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pokeCalcNTR for Gen 6 - The RNG Tool Suite for the 3ds

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PCalcG6 - v0.1.0
What was thought to be impossible for nearly 4 years is now the reality - Gen 6 RNG is here
Keep in touch with us at The Official pokeCalcNTR Discord!
If you need help, please check out our Troubleshooting section!
Current Key Combos
  • X+Up: Key Combo Menu
  • Start+Down: Egg Seed View
  • Start+Up: RNG Tools
  • Start+Left: Wild Pokemon View
  • Start+Right: Party Pokemon View
  • Select+Left: Party Pokemon View -1 Slot
    • (ORAS Plugin switches Daycare View to the other daycare)
  • Select+Right: Party Pokemon View +1 Slot
    • (ORAS Plugin switches Daycare View to the other daycare)
  • Start+Select: Pause Game
  • Pause+A: Unpause Game
    • Additionally, the XY plugin can press any D-Pad and the "Y" button as well
  • Pause+Start: Unpause Game
  • Pause+Select: Advance One Frame
  • Update your console to 11.4
  • Update NTR to 3.5
  • Update ORAS to 1.4
  • Update XY to 1.5
  • ORAS and XY have two different plugins - make sure you have the correct one
  • Do not use Mode 3 NTR for Gen 6
  • If the plugin doesn't load, reboot - this is common for non-extended memory plugins (like PCalcG6)
  • pokeCalcNTR displays Init Seed as 00000000!
  • Multiple Menus and Views
    • X+Up for Menu, help, and features
    • Wild Pokemon View
    • Party Pokemon View, including all members of the party
    • Egg View
    • And RNG View!
  • RNG Tools!
    • View Initial Seeds
    • View Current Seeds
    • View Frames
    • Pause and Unpause the game Live
    • Frame Advance while paused
  • Multiple Breeding Tools
    • Egg Species Line Checking
    • Remaining Egg Cycle Counter
    • Notification for Egg at Nursery
  • TSV/PSV Checking
    • Check Your own TSV and Pokemon's PSVs
    • Check a trading partner's Pokemon's TSVs and PSVs
  • Stats Affected by Nature
  • IVs highlighted green or red depending on really high or really low stats
Additionally, the attached file - AABBCCDD_codeips.zip - has a code.ips for Omega Ruby's 1.4 Update that will always force the seed AABBCCDD for people who do not have access to a computer and cannot find their init seed.  Your console will still show 00000000 for the init seed, but the seed really is AABBCCDD.
Please post screenshots In #bragging on The Official pokeCalcNTR Discord!
  • You will need wwwwwwzx's 3DSRNGTool for this to work!  It's the only way to get your initial seed!
  • The downloads will be hosted elsewhere soon.  To keep everything easy to manage, you can click this link for pcalcg6 and this link for the

AABBCCDD code.ips

To install, download the zip below, and extract the "plugin" folder to the root of your sd card. Merge any folders it asks for.
Thank you so much to our patrons who help fund us for faster development!!!
Shiny_Sylveon for being there for me and being amazing at doing so (among many other things like testing, giving ideas, helping creatively) :)
Admiral_Fish for helping code pokeCalcNTR-Gen6
Zep715 and wwwwwwzx for helping reverse engineer Gen 6
wwwwwwzx for his 3DSRNGTool - which enables us all to use PCalcG6
Real96 for getting us in contact with Zep715 and wwwwwwzx as well as all the testing
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