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answered Changing wild encounter shininess and form number on Citra 3DS Cheats

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Basically, I know of the cheat code that lets you specify the species and level of your next wild encounter. However, I do not know how to modify it to specifically change the forme and shininess. Can anyone here please help? Thank you. This is the code by the way. Thank you.

[Pokemon Modifier] xxx - pokemon dex id convert to hex, yy - level
D3000000 00000000
105957E0 000000B0
105957E2 0000E1D5
105957E4 0000FF1E
105957E6 0000E12F
105957E8 00000004
105957EA 0000E5C4
105957EC 00000000
105957EE 0000E59F
105957F0 0000FF1E
105957F2 0000E12F
005957F4 00000xxx
005957F8 000000yy
103988DC 0000F3BF
103988DE 0000EB07
103988EC 0000F3BB
103988EE 0000EB07
10398908 0000F3B4
1039890A 0000EB07
DD000000 00000204
105957E4 0000000C
105957E6 0000E59F
D0000000 00000000


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4 hours ago, TheHeat said:

This code freezes my game. Am I doing something wrong?  I would really like to have a working code like this. I would be a hero to my son. Lol

The person didn't specify which game the code is meant to work for. There's a chance the code is not meant for your game. Try googling for the code + your game name.

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