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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star


Here's the GameJolt Page:

I was going to put the GameJolt download things in but I see that I cannot insert raw html in the topic editor so..


Hello, I need a few people:

2 People who know how to use FL Studio or LMMS.

3 People who know how to code GM: L

You probably won't be paid seeing as this is a free game I can't pay you out of my pocket.... Please consider anyways!


Here are some development pics:


The backrgounds for treasure town are complete!


The town with all of the collision objects.


Wan't to message me or anyone else associated with this at any time? Join our discord!



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Need stuff!
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Hey guys I am releasing a demo! It will be found on the gamejolt page, It's treasure town but without npcs...


Working on room transitions and music transitions, After that I will work on dungeons.


Hey guys, I decided to make the game where you can add your own mystery dungeons and items, Once I get the feature working I will make a tutorial on how to do this. Also with this feature try not to go to crazy with the amount of sprites you add because every time this sprite gets drawn GameMaker performs a texture swap and doing thousands of texture swaps at a time greatly damages the performance.


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