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Hello all. I just recently went through a 2009 Wayback Machine web.archive.org copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's. I did not find any PKM files from the PKMDB. I do want to note that I had a hard time deciphering the urls, so they are unsorted. From what I was able to read they were sorted by legality/legitimacy. I was not able to save all of them... &:-{

I would appreciate it if somebody checked and sorted all of these, along with maybe adding the zip to @ReignOfComputer's PC/Event Gallery. I will attach it here. Of note is that I left the original zip files untouched. I can say there is some real goodies in here, like the Nintendo Power NPOWER Pikachu, 2 sets of Shiny starters, Shiny Regigigas, Ho-oh, and Suicune, and more, so please check this. Also in the zip are 2 zip files that have genuine legends. Also, some pokemon may be events, despite the filename, as they were compiled together in keeping with their original filenames. I advise you to check these, as some may be hacked, due to being this old, and due to any disclaimers being dead and unreadable. While you are at it, please extract the German Legit CHANNEL Jirachi from this RubyDe.sav file's party so we can give the German players a CHANNEL Jirachi. The save file has not been touched since April 7, 2004. Please add that Jirachi to the event gallery, @Sabresite, or @theSLAYER

I will sign off with this:

Please enjoy my newest contributions, and let me know what you think. I do spend a lot of my time digging through google and Archive.org/Geocities archives looking for Pokemon data, which I am glad to share. Since I spend time doing this, I would like your opinion on me, so I can better serve you with old Pokemon Files. Sometimes, like today's batch, only certain files were archived before the site's death, so sometimes all there is to dump off archive.org that I give might seem pitiful, but it is a treasure just to even find these, even though the GEN3 events in it are ALL Pal-parked, and therefore useless for trashbyte dumping. I wish they weren't, but I have no control over that, so please acknowledge in some way that I do contribute, even if the contributions may not measure up to fresh dumps. I do have the Manaphy Egg wondercard in BOTH formats, which also applies to the NPOWER-USA Pikachu. There is Poketopia FR pokemon in there, along with a mew, and an Aura mew in what I think is french. So I have found good stuff, but it is in need of checking by Admins.




PokeSavDB & Emtu's PKM DB WaybackMachine-archived pokemon.zip


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I'm sure that I had the files from that website on my old computer. I was going to place it in another room (it is now disconnected) which means I can search next week. That being said, aren't those uploaded here already? I might be wrong, thanks for the upload!

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You're welcome. I did find WC4FULL proof of the NPOWER Pikachu, which is so rare, it is often doubted. We did end up with a redump of the Manaphy egg, and GEN4 Dumps of ALL Gen3 events, which may help us track stuff down. Also, which DB, as I extracted data from both?

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You mean the one I downloaded files from? I'm sure it was from the pkmdb.com website back in 2009, when I was a kid that liked to mess around with PokéSav and had no idea about Pokémon legality or anything related to that. Going through those files will be funny but I might find interesting stuff. But at least these files seem to be around, unlike what what happened with PokéCheck, the biggest loss ever in terms of .pkm files (I still have like 10+ boxes of content from the site I'll end up uploading after a cleanup).

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I'm pretty sure a big bulk of these are scattered across our forums.

I actually managed to download some of them back from pkmdb previously, to get some of the shiny hacks (for the lulz)

the one thing that is interesting is the PCD/PGT Pikachu.

Gotta have to look at it again

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  • theSLAYER changed the title to web.archive.org copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's archives
11 hours ago, Sabresite said:

I have a copy of all of their stuff from before they went down.  Unfortunately the majority of their stuff came from us, or is hacked.
IIRC, NPOWER Pikachu was a hack.

That's sad.

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