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sav editor for Pokemon HGSS


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Yesterday I found the Pokemon HG-SS roms (and they work!) so I want to make a program that allow to edit save files as Pokesav or PPSE. I will try, but I'm not good in Python or C# so I hope I'll have help.

Since I haven't ever done things as these, please notice me if I need particular programs or files.

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First start mapping the save. Search the R&D forum for "Sav Hacker Toolkit" to help you with this.

In order to start editing, you will need to figure out how to fix the checksum (good luck). I would assist, but there would by a Mystery Dungeon 2 save editor that does more than edit the team name (you will find this in the R&D forum, too) if I had a clue how to fix a checksum.

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