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Please help with legality check


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Hello, I was doing research about avaliable shiny rare pokemon and found somewhere in  the forums that the manaphy egg from ranger could be hatched shiny if traded before hatched.

I downloaded from the database a file for manaphy egg and edited it accordingly only to get this error. What should I do? Im pretty sure the pokemon is legit but I dont want to risk it. Any comments? I'll leave the pkm file down here for the download. Any comments are welcome. 

If any of you have a file for a shiny manaphy that isnt flagged in PKhex I would very much appreciate if you attached the file in a comment. Thanks a lot. 



490 ★ - Manaphy - A5B677CB2E7A.pk7

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On 24/5/2017 at 8:25 AM, Kaphotics said:

Not legal, is illegal.

PKHeX doesn't match it to the ranger manaphy egg gift -- the current conditions (shiny/met data) do not agree with each other.

Before one of the updates that made work PKHeX exactly like the bank does the Egg Met Location from the Manaphy I rng'd in Platinum changed from Pokémon Ranger to Faraway Place for some reason (getting it flagged as illegal). Fixed now since that field stays unaffected when I drag the Manaphy from Platinum to Sun.

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