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Pokémon GO Gets Rough Around the Edges

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The Pokémon Go Team has officially announced their Adventure Week Celebration.  Beginning May 18th, Trainers will encounter Rock-type Pokémon more frequently.  Get out there and explore while you can; Adventure Week ends May 25th, 2017!

Trainer Incentives:

  • Rock-type Pokémon spawn more often
  • Collect more items from Pokéstops
  • 50% off of Pokéball purchases
  • Buddy Pokémon earn Candy faster
  • New gear- the Explorer's Hat will be available.


Sources: nianticlabs.compokemon.comign.com

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6 hours ago, InsaneNutter said:

Maybe ill finally find another Onix in the wild?! i caught one the week the game launched and have never seen another since! That never mattered until GEN 2 though lol.

I haven't played in a while.  When it launched I was really into it but it got boring after a while.  I don't care for it's, umm mechanics I guess is the word that I'll use.

What's you're favorite aspect of the game?

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5 hours ago, jasenyoface said:

I haven't played in a while.  When it launched I was really into it but it got boring after a while.  I don't care for it's, umm mechanics I guess is the word that I'll use.

What's you're favorite aspect of the game?

I guess it's a mixture of things, for me what appeals is the finding and capturing of Pokemon in the real world, knowing anyone around you could also be playing. I do like how a community has developed around the game too.

Their's a Facebook group for people playing in our town, with loads of people of all age groups playing, from teenagers to parents in their 40's playing with kids. People will share locations of rare Pokemon that have spawned, progress and swap tips and tricks. Many have never played the traditional GB / DS Pokemon games, so it's nice to see the game appeal to new people.

When the game first came out their was a Pikachu nest at a local land mark. I think the majority of people were there for Pokemon Go. I was there with a couple of friends and we got talking to a guy who was probably around our age, he was there with his Dad who must have been in his 60's, both playing Pokemon Go which i thought was nice, just shows the game appealed to people of all ages!

I love how people go crazy when a rare Pokemon appears too, I was at a family BBQ last summer and walked down to the local park with some cousins, a wild Blastoise happened to appear and people went nuts, almost everyone in that park must have gathered in the corner where the Blastoise spawned, 20-30 people were there trying to catch it, two people even pulled up in a car, said they had been looking everywhere for the Blastoice, caught it and drive off.

Those are two of my favorite memories from the game, you could say Pokemon Go is what I imagine most of us who were kids / teenagers when Red and Blue got released in the late 90's would have loved to have done back then, yet never imagined we would be doing years later.

I don't think a location based augmented reality game would catch on as much as it did if it wasn't Pokemon related, Pokemon was the perfect franchise to launch a game based on this relatively new genre.

As much as i think the game is probably the most unique / fun game in a very long time I will admit the game has become a bit stale now.

I think this because only common Pokemon ever seem to spawn, theirs loads of GEN 2 Pokemon i've never even seen or hatched, yet it seems to be the same few common Pokemon I have 100's of candy for spawning or hatching all the time. The lack of features for the first few months was fine, however i do think having no trading or breeding is a bit of an issue when the game has almost been out a year. The gym system is also becoming increasing flawed, in that it favors people who are dedicating a lot more time to the game than others who can't. The end result is my highest CP Pokemon (2800ish) is not even equal to the lowest CP Pokemon on the gyms in my local area.

Regardless of it's flaws i do still enjoy the game, i'm just not going out of my way to play it like i used to. It certainly makes my commute to work and back more interesting each day.

I hope the events like the water, grass and rock become more common as the game is certainly more fun when different Pokemon are spawning.

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