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Previous Gen Editing Questions


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1) Are Gen3,4 and 5 PID's randomly chosen from RNG Reporter's pool of PIDs/natures etc.?

2) Is Gen3/4/5 (more importantly Gen5 Mystery Gift Pokemon) Generation automatic (just click reroll) given they are from Gen3-5?

3) Is there a list of pokemon classified as "mystery gift from gen5" or does that just mean all gen5 event pokemon?

4) And lastly, for gen 4 and below, won't generating PID's for pokemon (including event pokemon) technically make them illegal because IV's are linked to nature, ability etc. Wouldn't it be more accurate to look at RNG Reporter and copy/paste the proper IV's, nature, ability, PID?


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12 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

1) no, see similar question thread.

2) Besides PID, PKHeX emulates the game generation routine.

3) Can't tell what you're asking; PKHeX has ways of detecting if a pkm came from a mystery gift or not.

4) Looking at RNG Reporter to grab a valid PIDIV is left to the user; see reply in 1).

1) Yeah I made that questions thread. Just trying to find more specific information :) 

2) Ok cool, but this was not the case before this new previous gen editing update, correct?

3) Just wanted to know if mystery gift pokemon had a different PID generation compared to Event pokemon (I don't know if its the same thing) and whether PKHex can detect if they're mystery gift pokemon or event pokemon rerolling to the proper PID (if event pkmn are different from mystery gift).

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2) if certain emulation aspects are observed to be incorrect, they are fixed

3) depends on what events you are comparing; PKHeX's reroll feature is essentially random and does not look at encounter conditions besides the current ability/nature/form to yield a compatible PID.

PID reroll code:



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