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answered Need help extracting the romfs/exefs out of Omega Ruby

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I need help to extract the romfs/exefs out of Omega Ruby so that way I can make a hack where all the E4 and the Champion have legendaries on their teams. I'm getting desperate... I wanna make the E4/Champion harder as a result... And yes, Drake will be trolling us all with a Shiny Zygarde on his team... And FYI, he has an interesting story on how he got this Zygarde... And for those of you yapping about it, no, Drake didn't hack...

Here's the story on how Drake got his Shiny Zygarde:
One day, his Palkia sensed something weird in space. Drake said, "What's wrong, Palkia? Are you sensing something?". Palkia responds with what seems to be a worried, slower version of his cry. Drake then says "You found something rare that needs our help?". Palkia responds with what seems to be it's cry. Drake then says "Can you take me to it? I'd like to help it." Palkia then sends him through time & space to what seems like a weirdly-colored Zygarde hive mind. There, he sees a hurt, toothpaste-colored Zygarde in the trees. Drake says "Poor thing. Mind coming along with me for a while? I'll let you decide whether you want to be with me forever or not...". The Zygarde agrees. Drake lets it follow along with him. He explores this universe for a bit, before Palkia tries to say "We need to go back now" in Pokéspeak. Drake says "Sure, Palkia. We'll be heading back soon. *heals up the Shiny Zygarde*" Then shiny Zygarde tries to say "I like you. I'll stay with you if you like". Drake responds with "Ah, sure." and then catches it in a Pokéball soon afterwards. Then Palkia & Drake return to their universe.

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Here's the story behind Drake's Shiny Zygarde acquisition...

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