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Best Wall, your opinions?

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One of the reasons Registeel is not used in OU is because he is outclassed by Skarmory as a physical wall, who has the precious advantage of having a recovery move, access to Whirlwind and a Ground immunity. That pretty much convinces many people to use Skarmory instead.

As for Rhyperior, yes he has Solid Rock, which is a great ability. but the fact that he's slow, has a 4x weakness to both Water and Grass (3% with Solid Rock), weak to several priority moves and a 45 base Spdef relegated him to UU, where he is more comfortable. And even in UU he's not popular...

But building a team focusing on giving him all the necessary support to reach his maximum potential is possible. Some good partners would be Modest Zapdos, who counters almost every Rhyperior's counters and Blissey who would absorb status-inducing moves that may target Rhyperior. Not to forget Hippowdon, one of the best leads and Sandstorm provider for Rhyperior. Adamant SubDanceRhyperior with 132HP, 192Atk, 168 Spe and 16 SpDef EVs, is the best you can provide this support for. With 404 HP, 400 Atk, 296 Def, Solid Rock, enough speed for Swampert, substitute + Sandstorm SpDef boost, Rhyperior will hit very hard.

Aside from this role, Rhyperior doesn't have a lot of options, Rock Polish didn't achieve much and the bulky set is outclassed by other walls. Not to forget there is no Pokemon in OU Rhyperior can force to switch and almost all of them have at least one supereffective move to deal with him. While Rhyperior requires a lot of support to be effective, it is easier to just pick another Bulky Ground who at least isn't weak to every OU Pokemon.

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Granted, Blissey and Lugia are the "best" special walls but you'd be surprised at how well Dragonite can do this job. When he comes out into battle most people assume it's for offensive but he has great sp.d, tons of resistances, and access to Heal Bell which makes him a great candiate for a special wall. This set can wreak havoc:

Dragonite @leftovers

Careful nature

- Dragon Dance

- Dragon Claw

- Heal Bell

- Roost

Now you can switch up dragon claw for superpower so your sweep isn't ruined by steel-types but I prefer Dragon Claw because it's a good STAB and gets good damage on everything. As for a physical wall, my favorite is Umbreon because he doubles as an annoyer.

Umbreon @ leftovers (every wall should have this item)

Relaxed nature

- Toxic

- Confuse Ray

- Payback

- Moonlight

This set is pretty devasting and the best one Umbreon can pull off.

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A lot of people seem to have different opinions, but again the "best wall" varies... Thus there technically is no just one best physical, special or mixed wall.

Blissey can has been mentioned the best special wall by a lot of people, and mentioned as one by Smogon... but Snorlax can be a beastly physical attacker who can Whirlwind.

So again, it varies on what the best wall is. People should be talking about what an example of a great wall is.

Btw Arceus is weak to Toxic and also can be set up on by things like Sword Dance Rayquaza, Lucario etc once the moveset is discovered. And Umbreon is also weak to Toxic and well... It can't do much against the common Steels and Fighting types.

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I like to use Tangrowth, actually. Give it Sunny Day, Ingrain, Leech Seed, and toxic, leftovers, and an impish nature.

If you are able to set up, you will be able to be gaining back health 4 times every turn, while your opponent takes damage from leech seed and toxic. Tangrowth already has decent Def. and Spec. Def. stats as it is, too.

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I like to use Tangrowth, actually. Give it Sunny Day, Ingrain, Leech Seed, and toxic, leftovers, and an impish nature.

If you are able to set up, you will be able to be gaining back health 4 times every turn, while your opponent takes damage from leech seed and toxic. Tangrowth already has decent Def. and Spec. Def. stats as it is, too.

And then the opponent uses Taunt/brings out Breloom/sets up a sub to block Seed and Toxic.

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i think shuckle should get a mention here, if trick room is up, send him out against a poke that will have to switch (not many), power trick on the switch and then he becomes deadly, ok hes pretty much gonna get owned but there are times when he can sweep, hes not 4x weak to any attacks and is only 2x weak to 3 (rock, steel, water) he resists normal and poison.

i like shuckle, shame his base hp higher though.

Power Trick Shuckle is one of the worst ideas. It means now you have pitiful defense instead of pitiful attack.

Not to mention it requires a ton of set-up.

1. Pokemon to use Trick Room.

2. Switch in Shuckle

3. Force a switch (and trust me, not many Pokemon are going to think "oh shit, it's Shuckle!").

4. Use Power Trick

5. ???? You're probably fainted by now anyway.

Shucke in a sand storm can take a bunch of hits from both spectrums, can Toxic Stall, Knock Off, but it does take 25%HP loss from SR.

And to help with that, I run a Shuckle that uses Sandstorm, Power Trick, and Gyro Ball, he never wastes time with Trick Room switch-ins... And Gyro Ball (although limited PP on a wall), then does a metric $***-ton of damage to Rocks, Poisons... And those neutral to steel... Or I guess Stone Edge could work too... (And now that I think of it, it may defeat the purpose of him walling... But oh well...)

I'm still looking for a way to get Synthesis on him though... My friend had me raise his Shuckle for him a while back; it had Synthesis on it...

Any ideas on how to get it through egg moves?..

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Not including any legends I'd say from my personal experience that Umbreon with Curse/Wish works wonderfully.

Curse Snorlax also works very effectively also. I usually have either one or both of them in my team when I wifi battle.

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I'd say Walrein. He get's taken out by Rock and Fighting pretty easily but when played right he can wall pretty damn good. He's saved my ass countless times and won a match where I would've otherwise lost. A basic Toxic SleepTalk.

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Walrein gets Oblivious as its Dream World ability :/

In any case, Stallrein will never pass up ice body. It's just too good an ability, it's like Poison heal but in the hail. Stallrein can be an absolute boss in the hail, so it's definitely a pretty cool wall.





That's pretty much the best way to run it, give it some toxic spikes support as to not limit its move pool. I'd say the best spiker for Walrein would be Tentacruel, as it can take out Infernape, which can do some bad things to Walrein if it can catch Walrein without a substitute up.

Anyway, personally I would say the best wall at the moment is Gliscor. I can't say enough good things about it, it has complete Diversity at the moment and can work as a stall breaker, a tank, a physical sweeper and as just a general annoyance, this allows it to be unpredictable. It can also wall out top threats in the OU metagame like Excadrill, Conkeldur and Scizor. It also retains its ability of being able to take out pokemon like Lucario with its STAB earthquake. And lets not forget its new Dream World ability in form of Poison Heal, making it impervious to being toxic stalled or ruined by burn. This also means that with its Fling and Acrobatics set it can take out walls like Blissey one on one.

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I think he meant Wailord. Wailord has Pressure... but Wailord isn't good of a wall because of his frail defences. He has high HP sure... but it doesn't counteract those base 40 Def much :/

Stallrein is what made hail teams boss

As for Cotton Guard... I tried it. It's okay, but it's not amazing. I used it on Altaria and Ampharos many times... but they're rather "slow" that it doesn't take much to destroy them through other means either. A Flygon's EQ still broke my Sub on Ampharos after + 6 Def, to give you an idea, so I was rather upset. Maybe if I invested a bit more there, it'd be fine, but I would rather not so I can get more into the SpDef/HP/SpA/whatever.

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Personally, Blissey is the best wall I have used in my opinion.

I got Seismic Toss on it from FireRed and traded it over and over again all the way to my Pokemon White.

Leftovers Blissey:

252Hp, 252 Def, 6 Sp. Def

Seismic Toss(FR/LG Move)

Thunder Wave


Stealth Rock

Best wall I have ever used. Thunder Wave for slowing down fast opponents, then use Seismic Toss, Softboiled to heal, and SRs for putting some serious damage on a pokemon when it shows up.

Lugia however I think is the best wall in the game, but it's Legendary so yea I can't use it in Random Wifi Battles. D:

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