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Are Shiny Pokémon "better" than non-shiny Pokémon?


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If you have a shiny Pokemon you either got really lucky or put many many hours trying to obtain it. Either way you can be satisfied out of all the people who play Pokemon, few likely have the shiny you just got.

For me personally i don't go out my way to chain or reset to try obtain one. From what I gather a shiny Pokemon wouldn't be any better in battle than a Pokemon you just randomly caught, however i'm not that in to the battling side of Pokemon, more the collecting, so someone might well tell me different.

From a collecting point of view its pretty nice as the chances of you finding one are certainly against you, even if it is a lot easier in Gen 6.

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The problem here is that it's impossible to get every shiny Pokémon without h4x0ring (for example, Shiny Zygarde's a problem as it was never released, & so are quite a few other legendary shinies as some of them are event only, like Shiny Jirachi). So trying to obtain a full true shiny dex could result in a ban if you're unlucky, which means some shiny Pokémon are a risk to you & your save file/3DS as well for that reason. So it's not just the drive, it's also a risk to take as well.

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Shinies are no stronger or anything like that.

But they are more special cuz they are so rare, you'd think they didn't even, well.....exist.

(i feel i'm a lot like a shiny pokemon really. I NEVER meet many other very girly girls like me online, for one....)

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