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Battle Pose / Ball through


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get the passionate pose editing the "trainer" information in PKHex via battle tree wins and the drop down menu for battles won etc etc... but even if i edit the information to show more then 50 consecutive wins it wont allow me to talk to the old guy who changes your pose.... anyone know why? anyone know what i have to change to get the pose? .... unsure if this has come up before...anyone have a solution bar win 50 singles in the battle tree without PKHex.

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15 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

Set it to 49 and then hit 50; there's event flags that need to be set for things to be able to unlock.

Alternatively, wait for the next release where this will be editable.

I tried setting it to 49 and going into 50 but didn't seem To work, I'll wait for the update.... Hopefully homebrew will be unblocked soon too. Damn 3DS update. 

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