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unanswered Trying to randomize pokemon Y and play through Citra

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For four hours now, I've been trying to randomize a pokemon y rom (I started with a .cia file because it seemed like people used those) I got all the way up to the point where I randomized all the wild pokemon in PK3ds, but I have no idea how to remake my rom again. Every tutorial I see has people setting it up to play on their 3ds and I just want to emulate it. 


Anyone have any ideas, I have a real headache at this point...

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this was the tutorial I followed, STEP-BY-STEP, to randomize my Pokemon X game.

Does require some patience. Also, I tired playing it on Citra, the 3DS Emulator, but sitll cannot figure out how to do that quite yet, but does work on my 3DS.

Hope this helps out.

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