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13 hours ago, KittyCats said:

So when I go on Homebrew, I can extract my Pokemon Rumble save file. I wanted to know if there are any RELIABLE save editors. I have found one on Git.Hub, but I cannot make it into a app as I do not have Winrar. Help anyone?

Pokemon Rumble Blast, or Rumble World?
(just to be clear)

This works for rumble world:

I switching hosting to our own Save editing tools area:


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1 hour ago, monster_slayer said:

how do we export our save file?gone to several different sites but they dont say how.

I believe most sites, including ours, said/would have said somewhere that you'll need CFW to dump your saves from your 3DS.

And even if it isn't listed explicitly on every tool that you gotta use CFW to dump your saves,
the implicit fact that you NEED your save + a quick google search regarding that would yield you the answer.

Heck, this was the very first search I did on a private window:

So, not dissing ya or anything (don't take me the wrong way), but I believe you simply did not search hard enough. :P

So now, here is the link to the tutorial page:

If you're using 3DS, CFW is needed. If you're using emulator, well, it'll tell you how to get to it. :3

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