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Use these codes to fix most if not all of those annoying freezes in HG/SS

020DD9E4 E1A00000

Use ARDS RAW mode (normal mode might work though!)

Use some other patch for the rest.... I am just to tired.


If people still get freezes be sure to tell me where/when it happens!

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For me on my M3i Zero running M3 Sakura OR iTouch firmware, the game ALWAYS freezes when I get the call on my PokeGear as I leave the Flying-type Gym after having beaten Falkner. It's a bit sad, because the M3 team claim there's no longer any problem with the game when running the latest firmware, but as I'm running the latest firmware, this sadly is not the case. It freezes EVERY time the Pokegear is opened now.

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I made a little typo, why do you ask?
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Well after I update the codelist on my acekard I go to tick off the code, when I click cheat the entire cart crashes. Im running Akaio 1.4.1.

EDIT: Well I tried it with the official firmware now, still wont let me access the cheat menu without freezing up. Does any one Have any Suggestions?

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This code is obsolete. Run it on bios for Nogba. Won't crash AT ALL.

Non-Acekard/Akaio users need Rudolph's patch, otherwise that's obsolete too.

And it runs non-RAW better, actually. Had more crashes when it was on.

Mine didn't crash from Olivine to Vermillion City with a virgin rom on bios. So... nyah.

Still... thanks Chase for getting me through half of Johto before I figured that out :)

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