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SM - Shiny Tapu Koko Serialcode (JPN)

King Impoleon

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A new Event is Announced for Japan!


To Promoting the next TCG 「キミを待つ島々」a Shiny Tapu Koko will be Distributed as Serialcode about 7SPOT from March 17th - April 9th 2017

No further details are known, this post will be Edited if the Official Pokemon site has more Informations

3月からの配信まとめ 日本 セブンスポット 色違い黒いカプ・コケコ 3.17~4.9-シリアル

Pokemon: Tapu Koko

Level: 60

OT: メレメレ

ID: 170317

Ability: Electric Surge

Nature: Any



- Nature's Madness

- Discharge

- Agility

- Electro Ball

Item: Electric Seed

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Classic?

Location: Unknown

Dates: 17/03~09/04/2017

Game Distribution: S/M

Distribution Type: Serial Code (Region Locked to Japanese Games)

Distribution Location: Hotspots @ 7-11, TSUTAYA, TRU, EON, Pokemon Centers/Stores, Amazon.co.jp**

**You must Buy a book, where is signed you can Recive a Pokemon Serialcode ( ※Amazon.co.jpと楽天ブックスで購入した場合、シリアルコードの受け取り方が異なります。くわしくは各サイトの商品ページをご確認ください。 )


Source:  Official Pokemon Website


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Nah, this is tied to TCG, and too major to not be distributed.

At least, based on Gen 6 standards of Shiny events.

Like Shiny Xerneas/Yvetal, Zygarde Tins,
Shiny Rayquaza (Ancient Origins; Also Movie tie-in)
Zoroark (Break Through)
Volcanion (Steam Siege; Also Movie tie-in)

It just feels weird to see Shiny Legendaries this soon.
If I were to speculate,
I'll say the schedule for Gen 7 (or at least Sun and Moon) is pretty rushed,
And maybe they want to fast forward to the next game (which could either be final Pokemon game for 3DS, or straight to Switch)

In any case, I hope they release VC Gen 2 first. (Like, for our 21 anniversary celebration. don't drag this out Game Freak)

This won't be as easy as Saori's Machamp.

You first need to log in to Nintendo Zone at the 7 Spot,
Click the image, then a Serial Code will be generated for you.

(as seen in the image from the same twitter source)

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9 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

Like Saori Machamp, I'll post the details on how to spoof/grab it once it's out

Don't get your hopes up just yet. From my experience, it is not possible to spoof 7SPOT Nintendo Zone Viewer content.

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5 hours ago, Purin said:

Don't get your hopes up just yet. From my experience, it is not possible to spoof 7SPOT Nintendo Zone Viewer content.

I vaguely recall trying something like that and failing too, but I guess this counts as confirmation xD

In any case, since it's a Serial code event, I'll be able to upload the Wonder card,
it'll just mean I'll be unable to redeem it myself :/

Edit, to prevent double posting:
It's been pointed out on Twitter by various users, prominently Joe Merrick of Serebii,
That the two images that show receive mystery gift is from Gen 6, not Gen 7.

Whether or not that is a mistake by 7 Eleven (maybe an internal memo) or the image being a hoax,
It is likely we'll get the event eventually.

However, I'll be holding my breath, until we get an official memo from one of the official Pokemon affiliated websites.

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26 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

I think @SciresM was able to spoof Nintendo zone.

The problem isn't that,
the problem is the Nintendo Zone app itself may also be receiving data for the selection screen in it,
which might be data only sent at the physical location.

This event is different from the Machamp,
whereas the Serial Code can be used on any normal network,
but you'll have to go into the NZ app to obtain it,
and the selection may not pop up on a spoofed network, as tried previously by Purin (and to a largely lesser extent by me previously)

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Yeah, did some research while being in one of the stores.
7SPOT Nintendo Zone content is reachable through their private network only (some 10.x.x.x IP). No access over the public internet.

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24 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

How is this different from Saori Machamp, which I thought was NZ also? Is 7SPOT a different kind of NZ?
I ask because @SciresM said if we know the AP of the NZ, we can get it from the internet.

I think I wasn't clear with my explanation, I'm sorry about that.

For Saori Machamp, all we needed to do was to connect to the network and receive the Pokemon "Via Internet" option. (not serial code)
[when connecting through the spoofed nintendo zone, the 3DS sends the correct AP to grab the Pokemon off the server]

However for this, we need to actually open the Nintendo Zone app, then click on the Viewer for it to give us a Serial Code.

The problem arises here is that as mentioned by Purin, if we weren't connected to that exact private network at their 7 Spot,
The viewer portion will come up blank (a small x, if I'm not mistaken), so we won't be able to grab the serial code.

[This serial code can be used on any network; it's the obtaining that is the problem]

In any case we'll be able to grab it straight from the server, ap is likely 00011200000
It's just that users won't be able to spoof the NZ to grab it themselves..

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This is indeed different from Saori. You can NOT download the Pokémon directly from within the game. You have to get a serial code within the Nintendo Zone Viewer app. Spoofing the 7SPOT Nintendo Zone won't work for accessing the Nintendo Zone Viewer app content. Like I said, it's served from within a private network.

This serial code can be redeemed in the game freely from any internet connection, no spoofing needed.

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1 minute ago, jojo12100 said:

According to Serebii it will be lv60, got an Electric Seed, Electric Surge Ability, the moves Nature's Madness, Discharge, Agility and Electro Ball.

The code will be available in 7-11, Pokemon Centers, Yodobashi Camera, Aeon Amazon and Rakuten from March 17th to April 9th and the code needs to be redeemed by May 31st.

Thanks honey, but look at first Post, i updated it alredy ;)

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