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Glitch or Oversight with changing Friendship or Affection to 255 for many Pokémon


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I was experiencing a certain bug when performing a certain series of actions.

I wanted to increase the friendliness and affection of each and every Pokémon in my PC. Since I did not want to spend the time doing all of that, nor did I want to punish my hand muscles like that, I wrote a Python script that uses PyAutoGUI (shown below). This is pretty much a way to tell the computer to control its own mouse and keyboard, and you can tell it exactly where to press when and what to press or type. I watched as it, for an entire PC box, did what I wanted: It right-clicked, selected "View", clicked on the "Memories" button, double-clicked the Friendship text box, typed 2-5-5, double-clicked the Affection text box, typed 2-5-5, right-clicked on the original Pokémon again, and selected to "Set", and then it moved on to the next one. I then trusted that it would do this for all of the boxes that I told it to, which took approximately an hour. When I came back to my computer, to my dismay, it reached the end, but the changes were somehow reverted. I feel like this is a glitch on the part of PKHeX. I just thought that I should report this, so that I could receive a solution or bugfix to this issue. Please respond soon if you know what is going on.

Here is the script from before. Basically, pyautogui.click(x, y) just tells the thing to click in that location and doubleClick(x, y) tells it to double-click in that area, while pyautogui.press('2') or pyautogui.press('5') told it to press one of these two buttons, in case you were wondering how this worked:

import pyautogui
import time
for b in range(1, 31):
    pyautogui.click(1095, 193)
    for yy in range(0, 5):
        for xx in range(0, 6):
            pointx = 913 + (40 * xx)
            pointy = 232 + (31 * yy)
            pyautogui.click(x=pointx, y=pointy, button='right')
            pyautogui.click(x=pointx+40, y=pointy+15)
            pyautogui.click(x=759, y=433)
            pyautogui.doubleClick(x=793, y=220)
            pyautogui.doubleClick(x=935, y=220)
            pyautogui.click(x=1016, y=430)
            pyautogui.click(x=pointx, y=pointy, button='right')
            pyautogui.click(x=pointx+40, y=pointy+35)

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lmao just use the batch editor

'changes were reverted' doesn't describe what is really the problem; you'd need to say what properties are not being set. Also, if the pkm were originally not paired with the save file (Current Trainer info does not match the save) then it'd get refreshed when properly setting back.

You're better off just using the batch editor than automating user interactions.

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