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Hello Project Pokémon-Community! =)

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Hello Project Pokémon-Community!

I'm TERRA#493 and i registered me here for help by using Pokésav. Pokésav is really a awesome programme, which saves me plenty of hours of breeding for right IVs, EV-Training etc. - you must know, i'm a Competitive Battler since 3 years now. Thank you, that you've created this programm!

I don't want to tell about my person, if you have questions, just ask =)

> Ho-Oh HeartGold Style is really one of the best Forum-Styles i've ever seen. Good Job!


So, then i'll create a new topic for my question. I would be happy, if i would find quickly help.

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Hello There.

If you receive any problems, or questions. Just PM me, or just make a thread, and yes the Heart and Silver theme is Awesome, and quite beautiful if i do say so myself.

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