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colosseum Japanese Bonus Disc Question

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I have been reading about the Japanese bonus disc for colosseum and I keep seeing that the disc transfers 1 celebi to colosseum and then you can transfer up to 48 more to japanese gba games. I was wondering if this means it is a total of 49 per disc or if you can repeat this and get more than 49 (such as beat the game again on a different save file and then you get another 49 more).

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On 5/16/2017 at 7:24 PM, YoshiMoshi said:

News to me, can you point into info on this?

I used an Action Replay disk V 1.4 I think it was and the memory card for it. I used codes found on The Cutting Room Floor to force my Colosseum to load the un-used bonus disk data on the disk. 

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