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heartgold / soulsilver Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Translation Patch.


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Version 6 details.

Thanks to Rykin and Poryhack, some graphics have been edited.

It now comes with Katakana names for the guys who care about legit Pokemon.

The Pokemart's sells men should now be mostly in english.

There have been many fixes to some of the item names and descriptions.

The Fly screen has been translated.

No$GBA users, if you have version 2.6 for No$GBA, set option NDS-Cartridge Backup Media to FLASH 512KBytes. Make sure you save options and restart the emulator afterwards. Also the following code helps with the black screens, use it as AR and RAW.

Thanks to Chase-san.

020DD9E4 E1A00000

Version 6 Progress:

Ability Names: 100% Complete

Ability Descriptions: 100% Complete

Attack Names: 100% Complete

Attack Descriptions 100% Complete

Bag: 100% Completed

Battling Text: 100% Complete

Bill's PC: 100% Completed

Continue Screen: 100% Complete

Item Names: 100% Completed*

Menu: 100% Completed

New Game Text: 100% Completed

Options: 100% Completed

Party Window: 100% Completed

Pokemon Descriptions: 100% Completed

Pokemon Classifications: 100% Completed

Pokemon Summary Pages: 100% Completed

Saving: 100% Completed

Trainer Card: 100% Completed**

Trainer Names: 100% Completed***

Trainer Types: 100% Completed

Vs Recorder: 100% Completed

Apricorn Case ~50 Completed

Item Descriptions ~95% Completed

Locations: ~85% Completed

Pal Pad ~90% Completed

Pokemart Text: ~90% Completed

Wi-Fi Menus: ~95% Completed

Wi-Fi Trading: ~95% Completed

Wi-Fi Plaza: ~75% Completed

Pokedex Interface: 0% Completed

and more to be announced.

Dialog Translation Progress: All major events up to the First Gym have been translated****

I am not going to be doing anymore dialog translations, It just seems like too much work for nothing. If you want a dialog translation, please see Magnius' translation.

Magnius' Translation: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=179686


Pokemon type completed

YES/NO button completed

statuses semi-completed

logo completed

Wi-Fi WIN/LOSE/DRAW completed

*Some Item names maybe incorrectly translated, if so please report it.

**Everything is in English text wise, but there are some Japanese symbols that are part of the trainer card graphic.


There is a limit of 7 characters for trainer names, with this, Leader Lt. Surge and Rocket Boss Giovanni had their names shortened to LtSurge and Giovani.

****Dialog translation may not be entirely accurate.


Version 6

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MTB5QW1E

Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/286641692/HGSS_English_Patch.rar

Version 6 + Rudolph's anti-piracy patch

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TDWCQQ3R

Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/286646931/HGSS_English_Patch___Rudolph_Patch.rar

Edited by KazoWAR
Update 6
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Using the HGE.patch makes the game freeze upon booting the .sav...

Using the HGS_P.patch won't let the ROM recognize that there is a .sav and starts a new game.

EDIT: Now the patches have switched effect, but either way, the game won't load past the screen to load your sav after the intro. -.-

Yes its a clean rom, yes I followed the instructions, etc. v1 worked great for me earlier today, but this new version is causing nothing but problems, and the only thing I've done different is place the newly patched ROM in place of the old one.

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Sorry I got it working in the sense that it ACTUALLY patched the rom. but from then on in I'm in the same boat as you... plus even if it had of worked I think I'm screwed cuz every time I leave oak and whathisface my rom crashes when bloody elm phones me :/.

So I'm stuck in that house forever ... hence my need for the non freeze majiggy.

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the newer patches are using a swapped arm7.bin file, it may cause you to not load an old save file some times.

I found that it won't load any save at all... for instance I started fresh seeing as I wasn't that far at all, I hadn't even got the first badge, I saved before I chose my starter (because yes I like to get the right ability) and that won't load either.

Is there something that I have to change in the configurations to load a save?

Also is this just me?

P.s I'm sorry to be picking holes in this I know your only trying to help and I'm sure it's taken time and effort. So for that I apologise. :)

Edit: it crashes when I save now. that's with the SSEP patch, this also happens with the No$ patch

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So in short, It's working, but I'm going to have to start all over again?

Not that I really mind that, I wasn't THAT far into a a two region game, but may I suggest putting that as a warning in the first post for those who are content and don't want to have to start over?

I am making a patch that uses 2.5 text with v1 freeze patch, your save should work on this.

I was able to use my save file from v1 on v2.5 and i had no problems except that random black screens that happens some times when going in and out of a building.

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