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answered How can i edit the sprite that calls a Fly, Surf, Flash, etc in Pt?

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Hello all!

I hope I am asking my question in the right spot, this is actually the first forum I have ever posted on.

I have been trying sprite editing for the first time ever. Been trying to edit Pokemon Platinum and this site has been a huge help. All the tools and advice really top notch and even mostly still work on Windows 10. But what I have not been able to find is how to edit that darn little sprite that shows up over that black bar when you use a HM move in the overworld and pulls the ball out of his pocket. I'll use a HM with my edited sprite, the black bar will zoom in, and the sprite i am looking to edit show up over top the black bar. Then if I use fly it will still be that sprite until he puts the ball back into his pocket.

There was a sprite that looked exactly like him in the mmodel.narc that I tried editing by exporting/reinserting with the BTX Editor but this little jerk is still the lucas sprite. I have used Nitro Explorer and Tinke to look all over the other narc files in the rom but cannot find any hint of where he is. This is the last big thing I want to edit and I hope someone in here may know how to do this.


the jerk.PNG

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 actually found it! it was in Data->field_cutin-> #13 with pallet #3

However you also will change the bird sprite you ride. #7. So you want to be sure to edit that properly as well

I actually made a video series that not only shows the location of this file, but also how to import it and also how to get around the fact that changing the palette of this sprite also changes the color of the blue/black "bird" sprite you jump on. Also various other things like elite four, vs faces, and pokemon sprite editing.


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