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[REQUEST] Japanese FR/LG/E Saves

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After my search (ポケットモンスター エメラルド セーブ) ??

i know now  that Japanese People don't cares about saves and dumping..etc


so i've been looking for some saves of Leafgreen/Firered or Emerald for activating the Ticket Events and catchting the Legendary by myself :x and resetting for some Shiny Mew or Deoxys



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12 minutes ago, wejhvabewjty said:

This is what I found after searching a bit around my files. Those are from users of the forum (HaxAras and InsaneNutter I think).

Pokemon Emerald Tickets Save (J).sav

Japanese Emerald Save From Used Cart.sav


i have these already, from the Gen III Collection & Mystery Gift Research thread

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You're just looking for any generic save files, right? To use cheats or tools to inject the events?

If you don't feel like speeding through Japanese LG on an emulator yourself I can probably do that, I had to do it at some point sooner or later anyway so it might as well be now.

Sounds like Emerald saves are already around so you're set for that, unless they aren't good for some reason? :P

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I didn't have a very good experience with using save files from other language games in FR/LG, though I know that for R/S/E it seems to work fine.

I could use my Japanese save file on an English game, then activated the cheat codes that enable the events (that was years ago before the event injection tools) but whenever I tried sending it back to Japanese game, the game kept saying that the save file was corrupted, and it reverted back to the previous save.

It might still be worth a try, though. No harm.

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