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Ash Greninja - United Kingdom


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1 hour ago, Amzz said:

Does anyone have the static PID of Ash-Greninja from an English-UK version of the game? I think I may have re-rolled mine by accident and want to change it back :3 Thankyou!

while the PID of Ash-Greninja is set from the wonder card,
it's actually generated by the Demo.

In other words, Ash-Greninja can have any non-shiny PID.

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If you still have the Wondercard on your save file (that you got this exact Greninja from), you can always get the PID from it, if you care about reverting it back to what it was prior to accidentally re-rolling the PID.

Export the card, drag it to main tabs, the PID it gives you is the one that was in your WC. So you can copy it and paste it back to your Greninja. ;p

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