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Looking for somebody to RNG a 3gpkm for me off of some detailed information


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Hello again Trainers!

I am confused on what type of request this falls under, and what thread, so I was hoping somebody could clarify.

Anyhow, what I would like RNG'd and added to the Pokemon archive is a shiny, docile, 6iv flawless mew from faraway island. In this post I will include all of the numbers needed to reproduce it yourself on an emulated JP Emerald copy, frame by frame. I hope you have better luck at landing frames than I do. In that way, I guess I am like HaxAras. I have one final request for the held item. If it is not holding its default item, a Lum Berry, please give it one for authenticity of it being the most perfect Pokemon. Now, on to the Directions:

Origin Game: Japanese Emerald
OT Name: Iwata
Species: 151: Mew
Pokemon Seed: BF0B02AA
PID: E85091A9
Initial Game Seed: 0
VBA-M-RR TID Generation Frame (plus BIOS intro): 4435
Clock Battery: Dead
TID Seed: 835EFA48 (according to VBA-M-RR when using the RNG Script Suite for JP Emerald)
RNG'able TID: 15575
Desired Compatible SID: 17710
Nature: Docile
Caught location: 201: Faraway Island
Met Level: 30
Level: 30:
HP: 109: 31IV/0EV
Attack: 74: 31IV/0EV
Defense: 74: 31IV/0EV
Special Attack: 74: 31IV/0EV
Special Defense: 74: 31IV/0EV
Speed: 74: 31IV/0EV
Hidden Power Type: Dark
Hidden Power Level: 70
Ability Slot: 1
Pokemon PID Generation Frame: 3886
Time: 1:04.76
Ball: Dive Ball

Item: Lum Berry

Enjoy the Mew, as I could not make it into a PKM without Kaphoptics' finest work, and please do send me the resulting PKM file. If you would, Please PokeBank it, and let me know how it reacts. I did not share the PKM file, as this is firstly the wrong thread, and possibly otherwise damaging to my reputation on the web. You are free to archive the Pokemon data files. For extra legitimacy (which I sort of half-care about), my challenge to you is to use suloku's tool, in dol format, without a permanently traceable modded console, (such as using please.hackmii.com or Wilbrand directly with the Gen III wonder card tool, on a virgin Wii if possible, otherwise, if taking on the challenge with a virgin Wii is too costly, just do the above on your hacked Wii without using bootmii or the HBC (it will be untraceable in the PKM. I prefer using PokeLoad on gc forever if you care about legitimacy. To flash the memcard for use with PokeLoad using gcmm without the HBC or Bootmii, just use Smash Stack with gcmm instead of hackmii, and then load the memcard up with your favorite working gc Pokemon game, and use the tool for max legitimacy. All RNG must be done in VBA-M-RR, so Fix94's link cable dumper must be loaded the same way for the highest legitimacy. For the most legitimacy, use the SD reader bundled with JP channel. Feasibly this complex setup simulates corrupted memory cards, and could very remotely happen if a wish maker Jirachi was caught at it's best shiny spread first time, first try.

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Just a question : What RNG method did you use to get the PID ? Because with method 1 I don't get these results. (I guess you used genIV time finder which is incorrect). If you are sure that you have done it correctly could you post a screenshot of your RNG reporter window with these results ? 

Of course, it is obvious that I would like to help...

Cheers !

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I got the PID via both RNG Reporter and PPRng. First, I looked up the Natures that flawless legends can have via legality guides such as smogon. (I chose docile.) Next, I set the seed to 0 in RNG reporter, kept the default frame, set up the results to the maximum, told Rngreporter to show all pid's for all 31iv spreads, input the PID into pkmgctools, generated shiny Id numbers, and documented it. I used the PPRng/RNG reporter gen 4 tools, with Rngreporter and PPRng set to method 1 when possible. The data I posted is direct from Rngreporter/PPRng.


Sorry for the confusion.

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To be specific on where I found this universal flawless PID, I found it at http://www.pokemongts.com/printthread.php?tid=79534

The output for a method 1 flawless PID search is here:

Search for: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Found 6 result(s)!          
PID: 7942ef72 (TIMID, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: d2140289 Method 1: 114, J (synch): 71, J (no synch): None, K (synch): 71, K (no synch): 87) HP DARK 70

PID: e85091a9 (DOCILE, ability 1) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: bf0b02aa Method 1: 3886, J (synch): 3823, J (no synch): None, K (synch): 3819, K (no synch): 3861) HP DARK 70

PID: e9375a48 (CALM, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 5d000242 Method 1: 163, J (synch): 18, J (no synch): 48, K (synch): 10, K (no synch): 48) HP DARK 70

PID: f9426f72 (MODEST, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 52140289 Method 1: 114, J (synch): 89, J (no synch): 93, K (synch): 91, K (no synch): 89) HP DARK 70

PID: 685011a9 (MODEST, ability 1) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 3f0b02aa Method 1: 3886, J (synch): 3817, J (no synch): None, K (synch): 3819, K (no synch): 3831) HP DARK 70

PID: 6937da48 (MODEST, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: dd000242 Method 1: 163, J (synch): 20, J (no synch): 60, K (synch): 22, K (no synch): 40) HP DARK 70

Out of those 6 PID's, only the second listed modest PID and the only docile pid will work with my chosen ID for shininess, due to their seeds Sharing the last few hex digits. The same pattern applies to TID SID combos that shinify both of the PID's on the list that each share matching end digits.

I ended up using the docile seed/PID to mod a pokepark  mew clone with the resulting data from the RNG data, before using pkmgctools to generate shiny ID numbers for the trainer. I lucked out that one of the TID choices is generated if the timer stops polling for input on frame 4435 with minimal button input. The resulting ID is 15575, which, combined with the SID 17710 which can be seen earlier in that first timer, or is RNG vulnerable.

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The thing with Emerald RNG is that perfect IVs are found usually at insanely high frames (unless you breed eggs). To reach this frames (if you absolutely want to get that PID legitimately) you may have to leave the emulator to run at full speed for days. If you want this Pokemon for Sun & Moon, you can just ask to get it with the nature you want and then boost its IVs with Bottle Caps (for battling this is more than enough). However, I admit that I am really interested in perfect IV shiny PIDs generated at low frames, so if you find a tid/sid combination that makes this possible, please post it !

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First, just to make sure : Is it on frame 67899 and with IVs 14 2 16 11 25 24 or 14 2 16 18 4 21 ? 

Secondly, would you like to aim just for the nature or  for the IVs as well ? If that's the case, I have another combo (35967, 22120), which generates timid with IVs 17 14 1 5 17 20 on frame 8449 (which takes less time than the frame 67899).

I have another question (not related to topic). Does the name Iwata has any relation to the airbrush brand Iwata ? Hahahahaha...


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Just use sp

1 hour ago, Blackwing said:

I get it now... It seems I misread your comment and I understood other things. Well, the only problem now is that in order to reach frame 176 million, the emulator must run for days at full speed, which is pretty hard to accomplish.

Just use max turbo with vblank patch to get close to the frame, and then save state just before hitting it, and when the time is right, press A, and BAM, shiny Mew with Elite TID and IV's

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All this assumes that you can wait for the frame at the name select screen that gives 31337 as the TID, and can RNG Sid easily. Time is no real issue with the vblank patch, and 600+% speed ups. All one needs is a beast of a PC. I do know that all that needs to be done for my purposes is have some means of at least considering the Pokemon able to exist as if it were caught, but most of my friends think it needs to be caught. I don't care if the ticket was hacked or a beta card, as long as the wonder card is in game, and as long as it passes hack checks and Pokemon bank/gl checks. I have no qualms over cloning, as glitches allow it, and if data is changeable legally via decamarks or glitzer pops, I don't care. I just care that I can get it working.


I wonder what to do with the test older ones I imported into SM, as they ended up having PID problems according to expert analysis, and have just imported a test for legality on this newest knowledge into SM. I do not need a ban, so what should I do with the now invalid Mew? Should they be deleted, or should other things be done?

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Speaking of imports, since a dead giveaway that it is semi-legit is that many hacked Pokemon have the id 31337, and that it is named for the developers. The other giveaway is the secret id 60505 which is 5 less than the trainer id for the PokePakku mew. These unique ID numbers should help ensure nobody is fooled that this was caught normally

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This is if I am allowed to give a fan made event PKM created based on this spread, which currently a (re)construction of a faraway island mew, with an OT of Iwata in katakana as a tribute to him, and a nickname of Miyamoto in katakana for obvious reasons.

The PKM is intended as a proof of concept for testing legality of this RNG spread, and was created by taking shortcuts due to lack of experience. This again is made obvious via the distinct watermark OT ID, and the event status is shown as the pokepark mew ID for the Sid, with 5 subtracted, for indicating parody and shortcuts.

Both ID numbers showed up on my first press of the button to find shiny ID numbers, and are coincidentally meaningful. This means that fan made events for gen III legends can be done with this id Sid and PID combo.

I am on iOS, and will upload the 3gpkm when able, and when I am sure I can do so without abuse, flak, blowback, fallout, or issues. I also would prefer to know where you will use it, and how valid you feel it is for a test, tribute, and joke. If it causes problems, I will remove it, and will try to resolve it. If I am allowed if I need to takedown, I may just pm it to those who have a good reason for it. As Much as some may try to pass it off, the watermark ID indicates shortcuts were used. Use this to determine who stole public domain knowledge.

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Big news! I just discovered that a secret id of 60510 (the same numbers as the PokePakku mew) will also work with the 31337 trainer id to make the mew shiny. As the Sid id and TID are swappable for shiny calculations before gen 7, one could use this combo to gen a legitimate-looking shiny pokepark mew, which is never normally shiny. The only giveaway that hacks are involved is the secret id, which is invisible to most players, but extra visible to Nintendo, which due to it's notoriety amongst hackers, could lead to a ban against an innocent with this, for making a false event. This would allow hackers to create a dangerous fake Pokemon event that easily can help ban someone due to the id's stigma with Nintendo. The mew would be obviously hacked, and would appear as too good to be true to any good hack checker, despite being possible.

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They would never ban someone for just having a Pokémon like this lol, considering it fits within every legal boundary (as far as Nintendo is concerned, anyway; it's possible that this ID/SID combination can't actually occur legitimately but Nintendo likes to pretend that their RNG is 100% random.) Heck chances are they wouldn't even acknowledge that this specific PID/IV spread is only possible after leaving the game running for months.

Getting banned because you happen to have a Pokémon with ID 31337? Eh not gonna happen. Nintendo doesn't care about IDs (outside of actual event Pokémon.)

As far as I'm aware people were banned for 1: having Marshadow, or 2: having edited any kind of data on their save file that results in a mismatch with Global Link <-- likely wouldn't ever be a problem if you never set up Game Sync in the first place.

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