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Is Wine (Mac OS X) even able to detect the .dll file?


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23 minutes ago, Are You 18 Now said:

@jasenyoface I've tried both, was hoping running it directly would work but still no dice. :-(  I may try once more sometime tonight though.  I guess if there's anything else to ask, how should I setup the advanced settings.  Like, what should I tick off in each category, etc.

I am wondering if you have X11 installed on your Mac? https://www.xquartz.org5892b00f816f3_ScreenShot2017-02-01at11_02_06PM.png.2bf3030c9b5ac45e95f3834b245cd1be.png

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4 minutes ago, Are You 18 Now said:

@jasenyoface  I do not have X11 installed.  Does that help a lot?

yes you should check it out. i believe that it is essential.  also while I'm thinking about it, do you have Winebottler.app Wine.app and Wine Staging.app installed see screenshot. its Important to have your environment setup.  5892b30d97294_ScreenShot2017-02-01at11_16_01PM.png.e65e20ecc31932cae420f319e2fbd010.png

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6 minutes ago, CzarDusty said:

@jasenyofaceI'm having similar issues with this. I've installed with winebottler. The prefix was successfully created but whenever I click on the app, nothing happens. There is a brief flash on the dock, but nothing opens. I just installed Quartz. Do you think this will have an impact? 

restart your mac and build it again.

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3 minutes ago, CzarDusty said:

@jasenyofaceIn a previous post you offered to provide your file you created, could I have access to that if this fails to work?

i would love for you to test it out for me! I've never made an app with Wine that i distributed to others, so I'm not sure how it will go. or if it will work.  However I'm waiting for @Kaphotics permission to redistribute PKHeX made with Wine.  

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