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Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

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On 1/20/2017 at 12:50 PM, jojo12100 said:

Hi, today we begin this huge thread which collect of the other thread I opened about demo, prototype, bug, unused, unreleased Pokemon.

The aim is to collect them all.

What we did:

-Unused trade pokemon in gen 1 Here SUCCESS

-Debugger Pokemon in gen 1 Here SUCCESS

-Bug Contest Unused Slot Venomoth in gen2 Here SUCCESS

-Hidden Event Pokemon in gen3 Here SUCCESS

-Altering Cave Pokemon in Gen3 SUCCESS

-XD Salamence, Bonsly, Mew SUCCESS

-Battle Pyramid and Pike Pokemon Here SUCCESS

-Demo Kiosk Pokemon in Gen 4 Here SUCCESS

-Azure Flute via Pokemon Ranger Prototype in gen 4 Here SUCCESS

-FunFiesta exclusive mission Pokemon in gen5 Here FAILED

-Prototype Wondercard in Distro Rom (Bulbasaur done,Litwick done) SUCCESS

-ORAS Demo Pokemon in gen 6 ALMOST DONE

-Ghost Marowak in Gen1 and Gen3  HERE SUCCESS

-Ghetis Kyurem in gen 5 SUCCESS

-Japanese Exclusive Pokewalker Pokemon (x18) SUCCESS thanks to @HaxAras and @suloku

-Pokemon Sun/Moon uncatchables (totem, allies, demo ...) ! Here SUCCESS thanks to @thaleskpl @theSLAYER and me

-Wailord beta test in gen4 SUCCESS   thanks to @BlackShark

-Extra Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum Here FAILED

-X D Beta starters and beta pokestop geodude SUCCESS thanks to @StarsMmd

-Japanese Crystal Debuggers pokemon SUCCESS

-Tuto Catch Pokemon SUCCESS thanks to @BlackShark

-Pokestar Pokemon in B2W2 HERE  ALMOST DONE

-Main Battle Debuggers Pokemon in Stadium2 Here SUCCESS thanks to @BlackShark

-DP IV Ally Pokemon SUCCESS

-RFLG TV Teachy Pokemon SUCCESS

-GSC Carrie's and Cal's Pokemon SUCCESS

-Debug Battle Rhydon SUCCESS

-Stadium 1 and 2 Rentals thanks to @SwagKey SUCCESS

-Yellow Bug Town Pokemon SUCCESS

- Beta E-card SUCCESS

-Battle Revolution Rental Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark  SUCCESS

-Unused Roaming Darkrai thanks to @Aurum  SUCCESS

-XY Unused Static Encounters thanks to @Cstylzzz  SUCCESS

-Crystal Cavern Glitch Pokemon SUCCESS

-German Debug Treecko thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS

-WCS17 QR Rental Teams thanks to @Holla!  SUCCESS

-SM Unused Static Pikachu thanks to @Cstylzzz  SUCCESS

-Glitch Gen1 Trades ALMOST DONE

-SM Illegal Kommo-o and Shuckle thanks to @Ruby Genseki SUCCESS

-USUM Morimoto and Iwao Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark  SUCCESS

-Test Pidove Wondercard thanks to @Sabresite  SUCCESS

-USUM Uncatchables thanks to @Ruby Genseki SUCCESS

-GSC Safari Beta Zone Pokemon SUCCESS

-Unused Entei Script SUCCESS

-XD Bingo Pokemon IN PROGRESS

-Shiny Trainers Pokemon thanks to @SwagKey SUCCESS

-XD Demo Pokemon SUCCESS

-Colosseum Demo Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS

-Unused Pelago Pokemon thanks to @Ruby Genseki @Poke J and me SUCCESS

-Zeraora from Battle Video SUCCESS


What we found: XY (with 6 pokemon); BW (with 5 pokemon); Ruby/Saphir; FireRed/LeafGreen; Emerald demos are still unavaible. Maybe one day?


Unrelased Proto Pokemon(07-05).rar 99.96 kB · 407 downloads

Any news about this or the XY Demo?

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11 hours ago, Knoxyz said:

Any news about this or the XY Demo?

Not at my knoweldge,

Nintendo seems to be more concerned with the demo recently but not retroactively.

I visited 2 months ago the french national video game conservatory and unfortunately they don't have any of them too.

I should however ask them again for FireRed manuel guide if nobody have it now.

Whereas I think we'll get one day RS/FRLG/BW demos because they were in cardriges and collectors will get them one day I'm not very confident for XY demo as it was a downloaded programm.


But if you want to investigate you're welcome,

I really miss time to do more sorry.

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On 8/18/2019 at 2:06 PM, jojo12100 said:

I come back for two news I recently got:

-first the discovery of a new debug mode for Stadium 2 which includes a Pokemon editor with a legality check. The Odd Egg events failed. It could be interesting to see if it's the case for other gen2 event pokemon or even find the legality list somewhere in the ROM.

-second I recently learned that in European FireRed manual guide there is a picture of a Charmander not from Pallet Town (probably used by the debuggers). Can anyone scan it here please?

The picture of the Charmander isn't only in the European FireRed manual and is also in the North American manual.



My scanner is really bad so this is the information of the Charmander is as followed:

Nature: Serious

Met Location: Viridian City

Met Level: 5


ID: 40060

 Current Level: 13

In the LeafGreen manual the picture is replaced with a legal looking Bulbasaur.  I've also took the liberty to check all of the instruction manuals for gens 3, 4, and 5 and this is the only potential debug Pokemon that I could find.

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@Poke J I'm pretty sure we'll find other evidences like this in future. Just remember debug Emerald Relicanth. Thank you so much for your scan.

Anyway I also asked ChickasaurusGL to investigate about Stadium 2 new debugger menu especially the legality checker inside it.

So much secrets still hiding it's really exciting ^^



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I have to share you that huge discovery: a Japanese ad for Pokemon Colosseum showing it at a very early stage.

We can see Wes without Rui, snatching a Typhlosion, battling a Blastoise with its Umbreon, having a Castform in its team (probably the shadow cut one), we can hear 2 exclusive and cut musics from the game.

I'd love to get that version in hands one day.

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