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Unreleased Prototype Pokemon


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43 minutes ago, SwagKey said:

This is a little bit off topic here, but I think I figured out why some Pokemon is GSC have Charm as an egg move.

If you look in the Spaceworld demo's disassembly and go to Level Up movesets it reveals that both Cubone and Marowak could learn Charm at the time! From a technical standpoint then, if breeding was implemented in the demo, you could breed with them to get Charm on Bulbasaur and Snorlax, then for Oddish you just chain breed with the Charm Bulbasaur.

What's not answered though is why some are version exclusive. :/

What do you mean by version exclusives?

Also I'm thinking about doing a list of all Demo-exclusive moves.

I recently discovered new Crystal exclusive moves such as Submission Cyndaquil, Crunch Ekans, Reflect HA Mareep or the rarest one HA Horn Attack Piloswine (which can only legitimate be obtained via Stadium 2 Relearner).

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I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks but real life got in the way.


Back on the 24th-25th of September these QR Code rental teams of the top players who attended Worlds 18 were posted to the Global Link site, I dumped the Pokemon using Battle Videos and have placed them in the attached zip file.

Pokémon WCS2018.zip

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On 10/15/2018 at 3:11 AM, SwagKey said:

Didn't you say that Charm Snorlax is exclusive to breeding in Gold and Silver, not Crystal?


Yes, same for Charm Bulbasaur and some other Unused Egg moves. And recently I discovered many Crystal exclusive moves

I finished the Demo Exclusive moves and discovered many interesting things such as Sacred Fire Arcanine (Legendary after all according to Pokedex/Anime), Pain Split Chansey/Blissey (Too broken!) ... will add the spreadsheet later.


Speaking of exclusive moves GF decided to show them in Master Trainer trailer: we saw SolarBeam Lapras (gen 1 Exclu), Confusion Blastoise (gen 2 exclu) (or Extrasensory?), Thunderpunch Charizard, Rock Slide Pinsir, Giga Drain Kabutops, Outrage Venusaur and Thunderbolt Gyarados. Can we expect new exclusive moves or move tutors?

Edit: Serebii listed Blastoise Master Move as Dark Pulse.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally tested Let's Go Demo at PGW (even if I spent a lot of money and time) and I have mixed feelings about it:

-first graphics are great, not as much as XY unfortunately

-then the Pokeball used as a joycon, in fact if correctly configured (which was the case for  me but not my neighbourhood) is really accurate (contrarly to what most people said)

Of course because it was a demo a lot of unusual Pokemon appeared in the wild (Bulbasaur, Eevee ...) but what surprised me was a wild Pidgey with Mirror Move ( a move it cannot learn until very late) and the fact this move failed when it was used to imitate Sizzly Slide (like Dark Void or HyperSpace Fury in fact).

The huge problem during the demo (and I think the game too by extension) was wild Pokemon harassement, I mean if you complained about wild Zubat in caves you didn't see anything. Seriously I had only 10 minutes to play and was attacked by 5 kamikaze Rattata. I spent all my time trying to escape trainers and wild Pokemon.

Seriously GF you had the answer for trainers in GS demo and thinking a game where wild Pokemon are rare (maybe not like in XD) can make players thinking about ecosystem (you know the idea you started in Black/White) so why???

And if you were afraid of huge changes of the formula it's clearly not the case, yeah they changed catching method (except for legendaries where apparently you have to fight them first) but the other mechanics and ideas are present.

And that's clearly a problem after Breath of the Wild revolution you can't do anymore a game so limited, it's frustrating and disappointing.

Remember what I wanted the most for new games was a real exploration, not new dual types Pokemon (which was 2nd in my list).

But if Let's Go is clearly not an amazing game it can be fun, at least waiting for the new generation.

Oh and I asked about demo archives and they said to me that they were automatically destroyed after events so if there is a leak: it comes from an employee that kept one or GF itself.


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  • 1 month later...


will try to get back in business even if PGO quest is not over yet (still missing Present Pikachu without hat) and now we're also looking for all PC10 Kanto Pokemon for Underleved too.


Seriously, I'm fed up of PGO and with that restrictive game that was Let's GO, GF should really work hard to make me hope again about gen8 and the future of the licence.


But for now here on this thread here the upcoming projects:

-Illusion Forest Legendary Beasts : it seems that the game generates them but we still don't know where. But if they can be shiny they should exist somewhere

-USUM Punishment Murkrow: an unreleased egg move, dig on a way to legitly get it if possible

-XD Munchlax (still waiting for @StarsMmd datas)


And many others later if you're interested!

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Shadow Loudred picture  finally





The file is only half-coded but I got it guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Need help to decrypt it, the Torkoal on the right is almost fine but the Carvanha on the left has the same problem (because they are shadow I guess).




















So the 2 shadow have their moves missing: Shadow Blist and Shadow Hold + 2* 01 76. Don't know what's hiding behind the hex index I have stops at 01 75.

Plus I can't know what normal moves are hiding Shadow Blist and Shadow Hold because Dolphin is a *** for RAM-editing and editing your save won't work unfortunately.

Need help for that @StarsMmd too.

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Sadly I don't really have anything to contribute other than some memory dumps of some "demo shinies" from the GS demos. It's a pain to see if they remain shiny when pasting the memory into the final Japanese Gold every time I find and dump one though. I know it's possible to happen with the right DV combination and that's what I'm aiming for.

I even got some from the PC debug. No demo shiny Kurstraw though which makes me sad. :(

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  • 2 weeks later...
4 minutes ago, jojo12100 said:

I never realised that Cruz (Kurusu) was a proto-Popplio until HoopsandHipHop last video so now I'll work on a way to transfer it to gen7 via Bonsly trick. I just have to.

Different moveset, and different typing, I say don’t worry about it.

I had ? From gen III that had the index 410, and they didn’t transfer up to gen IV. They arguably different Pokémon, I say don’t worry about it.

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5 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

We probably should upload what we currently have to the prototype event gallery

Maybe for GS demo but datas were a bit altered especially for Leafeon, gen4 evolutions and Popplio.

Certainly not for new XD Shadow because we're missing their attacks (I need @StarsMmd 's help for)

Which ones were you thinking about?

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I feel as though placing Omega next to Blastoise was something done intentionally.
It looks like an all Mecha'd up Blastoise, tho the cannons are missing.

It could also be some kind of mecha'd up Slowpoke/Slowbro? The nose/mouth structure looks rather similar.

I know the beta Gyarados looks nothing like the present day one, but it kinda reminds me of the Venipede line in Gen 5..

edit: @jojo12100 to answer your questions, anything that was contributed to here but not have their own pages in Prototype gallery,
probably should be uploaded over there.

It's probably easier to look through a gallery to find the files you want (plus have the relevant info in the descriptions),
than for users to browse through a 41 page thread.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The mystery is growing about Illusion Forest legendary beasts.

Actually I searched around Zoroark datas in the RAM in order to find something but all I got were empty slot and that strange thing (which can be the key of the mystery but I don't understand what it is).


Plus I noticed something weird at the same place @theSLAYER found the Entei/Raikou/Suicune notes, just before the fight I found that:



At the same place after the illusion is broken


My theory for the moment is that the game generates the sprite and the nickname of a legendary beast and that's all. But it doesn't make sense if they can be shiny. Because a PID must be generated to do so and it seems to not use the same as Zoroark. What the hell did GF do?

It totally explain why it's shinylocked but why didn't they generate one instead of using that weird trick? At least it can explain why we don't have that trick anymore since but I really don't understand it.

In any case if an upcoming day we found the datas don't hope too high. The beast will have Zoroark ability, gender and attacks.


Edit2: If you catch the legendary beast without any damage like with a MasterBall it'll display the following message:



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  • 2 weeks later...

Yesterday night I had fun turning Missignos into Gen2 Pokemon thanks to Chickasaurus GL researches, using Old Man and Ditto glitches, and it reminds me how much fun it was.

I didn't feel that emotions since ORAS and it makes me think we lost something today in the franchise.

Maybe it was the taste of unsolved mysteries, maybe the culture of glitches ?


For those interested you can only obtain Ho-Oh via Ditto Glitch and Lugia is faster via Old Man Glitch.


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Here's something not exactly related to the main games.

I used SkyEditor to extract the Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Shiny Celebi from the final special episode so you can insert them into the main game. It's not much, but since they're unobtainable outside of the special episode I thought it would be nice to have.

It should technically be possible to extract the other special episode Pokemon by replaying their special episode then using SkyEditor to extract them. Not sure about the temporary members during the main story though (Bidoof during the expedition, Chatot during Brine Cave, etc.)



Shiny Celebi.skypkm

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hiya, it's been some time.

Work has kept me busy so all I've been doing in the forum during the last few months is lurking every now and then to keep myself up-to-date with stuff.

On 1/21/2019 at 1:07 AM, SwagKey said:

It should technically be possible to extract the other special episode Pokemon by replaying their special episode then using SkyEditor to extract them. Not sure about the temporary members during the main story though (Bidoof during the expedition, Chatot during Brine Cave, etc.)

Just wanted to comment on this, as I recently replayed the game and in fact extracted all special ep. Mons.

...They've been modified since then, but nothing restarting the special eps. and extracting'em again can't fix.

Regarding the temporary members, though, as far as my capabilities and patience go, they can't be easily extracted -- at least I was unable to.

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Finally be able to download the demo of Let's Go, unfortunately you can't download them if you already have Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee (shame).

It's almost identical to the version I tested in October except they removed the time limitation.

Please if someone can extract the 6 members of the teams in each version and catch the exclusive wild Pokemon I'll be grateful.

I took some pictures of the Pokemon I found inside.


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